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Portable Test Aerosol Generator Model 3073


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PORTABLE TEST AEROSOL GENERATOR MODEL 3073 THIS ADVANCED SELF-CONTAINED ATOMIZER PROVIDES STABLE TEST AEROSOL FOR DEMANDING APPLICATIONS The Model 3073 is a truly portable high end test aerosol generator. Polydisperse test aerosols are generated by atomizing various oils or salt solutions where the mode of the produced particle size distribution is typically between 0.15 and 0.3 µm. Monodisperse Particles such as PSL can be generated as well from liquid suspensions. The innovative new flow control via nozzle pressure sensor and proportional valve achieves highly stable low particle production rates. Selecting the same set point, yields the same concentrations again and again. In the lab the Model 3073 is ideally suited for calibration setups where low but stable aerosol concentrations are needed. + ighly portable, self-contained design H Particle measurement instruments can typically be connected + Steplessly variable output flow rate 0.3 to 4.5 L/min without additional dilution. Due to the new nozzle operating mode with improved accuracy and reliability also high concentrations can be produced stable over long + Suitable for PSL, different oils, and salt solutions + Interface supports remote control + Internal brushless pump for long-life For field use the Model 3073 can be equipped with an optional battery pack that directly mounts to the chassis. This transforms the model 3073 into a completely stand-alone unit. The significantly + ompact and lightweight design with integrated C wide-range power supply + Optional battery for increased flexibility and field use reduced power consumption allows run times up to 8 hours (2h at full load). The Model 3073 also features an external control interface that enables remote control which is very helpful in + Calibration of particle sizing instruments duct measurements. + General purpose reproducible test aerosol generation + Tracer particle generation (seed particles) + HEPA/ULPA filter integrity testing + Cleanroom and safety cabinet validation according to ISO 14644-3 + In-use acceptance testing of low- and high flow filters + Smoke detector testing UNDERSTANDING, ACCELERATED

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SPECIFICATIONS PORTABLE TEST AEROSOL GENERATOR MODEL 3073 Mode of Operation Atomizer with submerged two-stream injection nozzle (Laskin mode) Operation: The Model 3073 uses a low-noise brushless swing piston pump and a submerged two-stream nozzle to produce a steady stream Particle Size, dmode 0.15 to 0.3 µm (DEHS), 0.05 to 0.2 µm (salt, varies with concentration) of aerosol. The nozzle inlet pressure can be set on the display and controls the flow and the particle production rate. As an added value of this design, the same output is achieved just by setting the Particle Type Liquid DEHS,...

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