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VENTILATION MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS THAT SAVE TIME AND MONEY Monitor Indoor Environments TSI ventilation test instruments are designed to accurately and reliably measure a wide array of parameters critical to investigating indoor environments. Typical measurements include air velocity, flow, temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2. TSI instruments are optimized for ease-of-use, yet offer an array of advanced capabilities including data logging. Rugged and Reliable Since we introduced our first portable meter in 1973, TSI has been a recognized leader in ventilation test instruments, providing...

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Our high performance air velocity meters, micromanometers, capture hoods and indoor air quality meters are in a class by themselves; they do not compete with disposable instruments. Based on a feature comparison, TSI instruments meet or beat our competitors. TSI's data logging instruments are easy to configure to make calculations, generate test statistics, and store readings. LogDat2™ Downloading Software quickly downloads test data to a PC. Downloaded data makes it easy for you to create professional reports for your clients.

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VELOCICALC® MULTI-FUNCTION VENTILATION METERS Model 9565 + Accurate air velocity measurement + Simultaneously measures air velocity, flow, temperature, humidity and pressure + Large graphic display-5 parameters shown at the same time + Optional "plug and play" plug-in probes available, including CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), and Rotating Vanes + Manual or continuous data logging with time and date stamp + LogDat2™ downloading software + TrakPro™ data analysis software generates reports + User named test IDs + Bluetooth® printer capability + Fast calibration and repair service-just...

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VELOCICALC® AIR VELOCITY METERS Models 9535, 9545 High accuracy over a wide velocity range Measures air velocity, flow and temperature Model 9545 adds humidity measurement Calculates flow rate in duct from velocity and user-input duct size and shape Data logging and LogDat2™ downloading software Available with optional articulating probe VELOCICALC® AIR VELOCITY METERS Model 9515 + Measures air velocity and temperature + Large, easy-to-read display + Features 40-inch telescoping straight probe VELOCICALC® ROTATING VANE ANEMOMETERS Model 5725 + Measures air velocity and temperature +...

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VENTILATION SOLUTIONS FROM TSI ACCUBALANCE® AIR CAPTURE HOOD + Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy + Accurately measures differential and static pressure one-person operation + Auto-zeroing pressure sensor + Automatically senses and displays supply or return flows, saving time on the job + Wide measurement range of -15 to +15 in. + Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings + Multiple hood sizes available for easy, cost effective use across multiple jobs + Detachable digital micromanometer offers + Automatic conversion of actual and standard velocity and flow + Flow...

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IAQ-CALC™ INDOOR AIR QUALITY METERS Models 7515, 7525, 7545 + Fast, accurate measurements in a single probe m< + Model 7515 measures carbon dioxide (CO2) only + Models 7525 and 7545 simultaneously measure and data log CO2, temperature and humidity, and calculate % outside air + Model 7545 also measures carbon monoxide (CO) + LogDat2 downloading software included (except Model 7515) DP-CALC™ MICROMANOMETERS Models 5815, 5825 + Measures differential and static pressure from -15 to +15 in. H2O + Calculates velocity when used with Pitot tube + Quick zero function ensures accurate readings +...

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Humidity, Temperature Flow Differential %RH, Velocity Reading Outside (Carbon (Carbon Air Dioxide) Monoxide) Organic Correction Data Variable Field Optional Density L ogging/ Review Blue- Back-lit * D y K-factor Logging/ Review Statistic Time Calibration Plug-In Correction Down- Data tooth Display Probes loading Constant Adjustment Probes Rate Pressure + = Standard Feature T = Thermal Anemometer P = Pitot Tube Reading C = Calculated from Differential Pressure R = Rotating Vane Anemometer Optional Direct Reading Balometer, TSI, the TSI logo and VelociCalc are registered trademarks, and...

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