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Partnership HSG Pre & Post Vacuum - Medium Size Mobile Autoclave Economic Line

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5075 HSG D-Line - 2

Fast,Heavy Duty, for Medical Clinics & OR Economic Line The HSG Economic Line includes 85 liter and 160 liter single door autoclaves. The Economic Line is ideal for most medical centers that need hospital grade sterilization and infection control without large autoclaves. Designed to be economical high performance autoclaves that offer substantial loading capacity and mobility in one easy to connect device. These steam autoclaves operate at high sterility assurance levels while providing the cycle flexibility needed for processing a wide range of products. Like all other Tuttnauer...

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5075 HSG D-Line - 3

Economic Line Economic Line Mini CSSD for Operating Rooms B C E F D A A B TIVA600-610 D C 5075HSG F E SEALING MACHINE 3870HSG ULTRASONIC 15 LT STERILE STORAGE 3

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5075 HSG D-Line - 4

High Speed Cycles Water Saving System The HSG is a very fast. Huge water savings are achieved with the optional highly efficient water recycling system (HSG-WS) that consumes only 5 liters of tap water per day. • Built-in high volume water-ring vacuum-pump produces a deep vacuum for fast and efficient air removal • Quick drying due to post vacuum moisture removal • No waiting between cycles due to stand-by steam which keeps autoclave warm and ready for use Dependent on Utilities Water Reservoir Water from reservoir enters A the water Cooling Radiator The HSG can be operated as a stationary...

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5075 HSG D-Line - 5

Economic Line Control and Programs • Pre and Post Vacuum control (optional) • 6 Fixed cycle programs • 22 customizable cycle programs • 2 Test cycle programs (B&D Test and Leak Test) • Multi-color display for easier reading • Quick access to important information • Multiple languages • Built-in view of the last 200 cycles that can be downloaded via USB device Connection Types for Accessories USB port for external memory devices Barcode via USB Barcode via USB RS-232 connected (optional) to printer Ethernet communication port R.PC.R (Remote PC Reporting) PC software for generating reports...

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5075 HSG D-Line - 6

3870 HSG D-Line The 3870 HSG is an 85 liter hospital grade Class B autoclave, suitable for dental and medical centers, and operating rooms. It is designed to be a fast cycle sterilizer that is mobile, operates 24 hours a day, and can optionally operate independent of building utilities. • 85 Liter chamber • Automatic locking door • 9kW Built-in steam generator 3870HSG Dimensions 6

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5075 HSG D-Line - 7

Economic Line 5075 HSG D-Line The 5075HSG is a fully featured 160 liter stand-alone mobile pre & post vacuum autoclave. Many years of expertise with industrial sterilization technology have been packaged into the 5075 autoclave making it an ideal hospital grade autoclave. The 5075 is ideal for most applications and is commonly used for fast cycles in operating rooms, outpatient clinics, plastic surgeries and other regional and mid-size healthcare facilities. • 160 Liter chamber • anual locking door M • 18kW Built-in steam generator 5075HSG Dimensions HSG Cycle Programs The 5075 and 3870...

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5075 HSG D-Line - 8

Complies with the Strictest International Directives and Standards Technical Standards and Directives • MDD 93/42 EEC as amended by 2007/47; PED 97/23 EEC; WEE & RoHS Directives – 2002/95, 96 • EN 61010-1:2001, EN 61010-2-040:2005 – Safety of Autoclaves • EN 13060:2004, EN285:2006 and AAMI/ANSI ST55 - Steam Autoclaves • ST8 - Hospital Autoclaves • M 61326 EMC Requirement E • ASME Code, Section VIII for Pressure Vessels Quality Standard Tuttnauer manufacturing plant meets the following quality standards: • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Systems • ISO 13485:2003 – Quality Systems for Medical Devices...

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