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In today’s society the need for safe bio-containment systems is increasingly important. This is especially true in the sterilization process where standard autoclaves cannot deal with the threat posed by harmful pathogens and other contaminated materials that are emitted from BSL3/4 laboratories. Tuttnauer is at the front lines, continuously creating new standards in the field of bio-containment. With years of experience in the market, Tuttnauer produces reliable and safe bio-containment.

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Laboratory Line BSL Considerations The Tuttnauer range of BSL autoclaves is designed to meet stringent Bio Safety Level requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities. These include a hermetically sealed barrier between the different risk level zones and effective sterilization and disposal of all effluent and gases. Special autoclave design consideration is given to: • Autoclave and piping components • Biological seal (Bio-shield) • Effluent sterilization cycle • Filter sterilization • Safety valves and expansion vessel

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Autoclave Piping and Components Specifically designed for use with steam systems that demand the highest safety conditions. 316L grade stainless steel is used for the chamber, piping and fittings. The inner chamber walls have a mirror like polished finish (Ra < 0.4μm) to create a smooth surface. Chamber Drain Valve Area Diaphragm Valves The chamber drain valve area is the coldest spot in the chamber. Tuttnauer BSL autoclaves resolve this problem by applying steam directly to the chamber drain valve area. Separate diaphragm valves (optional) for steam to the jacket and chamber prevent...

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Laboratory Line Prevacuum Air Sterilization All air that leaves the chamber prior to sterilization is treated as highly infectious and passes through a stringent biological decontamination system that renders the air sterile. Thermal Sterilization Prevacuum air leaves the chamber and makes contact with high temperature steam and is then passed through a high temperature heat exchanger which greatly increases the heat applied to the air making the air sterile and safe. The sterilized air is then cooled and any condensate is discharged to the drain. Sterilization by Filtration Double Filter...

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Advanced Control System for Your Laboratory Take advantage of Tuttnauer’s sophisticated user-friendly PLC control system based on the advanced Allen-Bradley platform. Standard Features • 7" Multi-color touch screen for easy access to control parameters and information via the panel • PID (Proportional Integral Differential) pressure control • Stores the last 200 cycles in built-in memory • 4 access levels and 11 user passwords to control access/operation of the autoclave • Up to 6 temperature sensors and 4 pressure sensors can be connected • Diagnostic In/Out test (enables technician to...

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Laboratory Line Standard Optional Ethernet Network Independent Supervisory System Standard Printer Barcode Touch Screen 2 (for two doors) Touch Screen Chart Recorder External remote access for technical support SCADA Software & Hardware SCADA software (optional) allows for control and monitoring of up to 16 sterilizers on an external PC. The software retrieves data, creates graphs, tables and printouts. Thousands of hours of cycle data can be stored in the cycle history.

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A Wide Range of BSL Autoclaves Tuttnauer offers an unmatched range of BSL Autoclaves that are available with chamber volumes ranging in size from 250 Liters to 5100 Liters. The 55 BSL Series Available with the following door options: • Fully automatic vertical sliding door • Manual door Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Chamber Volume (Liter) Manual Hinged Door Vertical Sliding Door

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Laboratory Line The 66 Mid Range BSL Series Tuttnauer medium size BSL autoclaves with chamber volumes ranging in size from 450 Liters to 610 Liters. The 66 series is available with the following door options: • Fully automatic vertical sliding door • Hinged door with automatic locking Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Chamber Volume (Liter) Vertical Sliding Door Automatic Hinged Door

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The 69 Large Capacity BSL Series Tuttnauer Large BSL Autoclaves with chamber volume ranging in size from 680 Liters to 1010 Liters. The 69 series is available with two door options: • Fully automatic horizontal sliding door • Hinged door with automatic locking Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Chamber Volume (Liter) Automatic Hinged Door Horizontal Sliding Door

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Laboratory Line Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Chamber Volume (Liter) Tuttnauer offers Bulk BSL Autoclaves with chamber volumes up to 9500 Liters. Additional sizes are available. The Bulk BSL autoclave series is available with fully automatic horizontal sliding doors. Loading Equipment Tuttnauer loading equipment assists with the loading and unloading process. The equipment is made of high quality, durable stainless steel. We offer three options: Pull-Out Trays: Stainless steel trays equipped with rails for easy loading and unloading. Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages: The loading cart...

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Technical Standards and Directives Quality Standards • PED 97/23 EEC • EN 61010-1:2010; EN 61010-2-040:2005- Safety of Autoclaves • IPX 4 • EN 285:2006 - Large Autoclaves • ASME Sec. VIII; ASME BPE • EN 61326-1:2006 • ISO 17665-1:2006 - Validation and routine control Tuttnauer manufacturing plant meets the following quality standards: • ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems • ISO 13845:2003 - Quality Systems for Medical Devices Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners Global Partnerships At Tuttnauer we feel that business means people dealing with people. We pride ourselves on...

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