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Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners Sterilization with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (^PlazMax Line

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High Speed & Low Temperature Sterilization For heat and moisture sensitive equipment PlazMax provides a flexible sterilization solution for heat & moisture sensitive equipment in CSSDs, Medical Clinics, and Gastroenterology & Respiratory Endoscopy Clinics. Low temperature sterilization is fast, safe and cost-effective with the PlazMax, a plasma sterilizer designed for heat & moisture sensitive medical devices using a safe vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilant. Its speed and space-efficient chamber (up to 109 litres) process high volumes efficiently, with equipment available for immediate...

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Low Temperature Sterilizer Safety Features Tuttnauer strives to provide sterilizers that ensure safety for patients, staff, and the environment. Safety features include: • No hazardous or odourous emissions • Low temperature and low pressure during sterilization • Door is locked during cycle operation Monitoring and Control The PlazMax features a user-friendly, microprocessor based control system which offers enhanced monitoring and control, and features: · Easy to read 5” touch screen · User-friendly interface that indicates cycle stage and elapsed time · Biological and chemical indicators...

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Standards and Directives PlazMax has been developed according to the following international standards and directives (partial list): Standards • ISO 9001:2008 • EN ISO 13485:2003 • EN ISO 14937 • EN 61010-2-040 • EN 61010-2-042 Directives • EU Directive 2006/95/EC • EU Directive 2004/108/EC • EU Directive 2006/42/EC • 93/42/EEC • CE Medical Device Mark 0344 Technical Specifications Volume (Liter) Temp. (oC) Door Tray Size W x L (mm) Power (kW) Voltage (V) (50/60 Hz) P50 47 < 55 1 or 2 400x600 2.9 230 V (1 Phase) P80 83 < 55 1 or 2 400x600 3.0 230 V (1 Phase) P110 109 < 55 1 or 2 400x600...

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