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Your Sterilization ¡Er Infection Control Partners Medical Waste Autoclaves (•[•) Medical Waste Autoclaves

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Safe, Cost-Effective, Medical Waste Sterilization Keep your environment safe from Medical Wasle with high performance Tuttnauer Medical Waste autoclave systems designed for small, medium and large hospitals. Tuttnauer steam autoclave sterilizers are a cost-eflective alternative for servicing your medical waste needs. You can be confident that the waste treatment process is completely safe with no harmful emissions, making it easy to dispose your sterilized medical waste in a municipal landfill. Steam autoclave waste treatment is a complete environmentally friendly solufion, empowering you...

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Medical Waste Autoclaves Strong Vacuum Pump The built-in vacuum pump produces a strong vacuum that ensures proper air removal for excellent sterilization results. Inactivation of Micro-organisms After sterilization the number of micro-organisms are reduced to less than 10-6. Fast Cooling for Fast Cycles Fast cycles are an important factor that influences the waste processing time. A built-in cooling coil is an important feature that reduces cycle cooling times enabling higher cycle rates and empowering you to sterilize medical waste without delays. Specialized Loading Cart for Waste...

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Medical Waste Treatment Process 1 2 Waste Segregation & Identification Temporary Waste Storage Effective and safe management of medical waste begins with segregation and identification of waste. Segregation usually takes place nearby or at the source where the waste is generated. Waste is commonly identified by sorting the waste into sealed colour-coded plastics bags or containers. Sometimes is is necessary to temporarily store waste when it is not subject to immediate processing or when there are delays in the waste treatment processing. The described process is an example of a regulated...

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Medical Waste Autoclaves 3 4 Waste Treatment Sterilization Shredding The waste is sterilized by autoclaving using steam at high pressure and temperature (134ºC). This ensures that the biologically harmful elements of the waste are destroyed. Shredding ensures that any sharp elements of the waste are broken down, making them safe for handling and disposal. Another advantage of shredding is that it reduces the treated waste’s volume. 6 5 Disposal Compacting After sterilization and shredding the waste is fragmented and non-toxic. It is safe for disposal in a municipal landfill. Compacting is...

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Advanced Control - Choose the One You Like Classic Control System The autoclave is equipped with an advanced control system and C-V2CD7 janei, ('i'i.l ..: ovides :h.: lollowiri; leatures: ■ High precision control system for perfect and repeatable ■ Continuously displays the pressure in chamber, jackel, sleam generator, and door gasket ■ Ability to customize cycle parameters to maximize flexibility ■ Reword pfü;e;.'LÍ¡;:i provides secure access ■ Convenient data backup for cycle information recovery in case of power failure or cycle interruption ■ Fail Alert - Indicates cycle failure or...

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Medical Waste Autoclaves Economic Medium Size Autoclave Chamber volume of 160 liters The Biohazard Economic Line is ideal for most medical centers that need hospital grade medical waste treatment without large costly autoclaves. Designed to be economical high performance hard working autoclaves that offer substantial loading capacity and mobility in one easy to connect device. Features • Chamber volume of 160 liters with minimal foot-print • High volume water-ring vacuum-pump for fast and efficient air removal • Stand-by heating mode keeps the autoclave warm and ready for use • 316L grade...

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Large Autoclave Series Chamber volume between 250 and 1300 liters The Medical Waste Autoclave Line is designed to service hospitals and large medical centers that need to process high volumes of medical waste safely and on site. Features • Automatic or manual loading system • Manual or automatic door system • Pre-vacuum air stream sterilization • Optional advanced control system with touch screen control • HEPA air filter

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Medical Waste Autoclaves Autoclave Safety Door Safety • Chamber door cannot be opened when chamber is pressurized • Steam cannot enter the chamber when the door is open • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked • Sliding door movement is stopped if an object is detected in front of the door Safety Valves Chamber Dimensions (cm) (W x H x D) Volume (Liter) 5596 –BH 508 x 508 x 970 250 55120 – BH 510 x 510 x 1210 310 6690 – BH 610 x 610 x 915 340 66120 – BH 610 x 610 x 1215 450 6671130 - BH 660 x 710 x 1295 610 Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate cycle...

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Bulk Autoclave Series Chamber volume between 1500 and 4000 liters The medical waste bulk autoclave line is designed for high volume waste treatment. The autoclaves have pre and post vacuum capabilities. A wide range of sizes and upgrades are available to meet the ever-growing demands of medical waste facilities. Features • Optional advanced control system with touch screen control • Automatic or manual loading systems • Manual or automatic door systems • Pre-vacuum air stream sterilization • Printer for a clear and concise documentation of the sterilization process • HEPA air filter Door...

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Medical Waste Autoclaves Standards Our high quality medical waste autoclaves are designed to comply with the strictest international directives and standards in all aspects of waste treatment and waste disposal. • EN 285 for Large Autoclaves • DIN 58951 Steam Sterilizers for Laboratory Use Directives & Guidelines: • Pressure Equipment Directive – PED 97/23 EEC • EMC Directive 89/336 • RoHS Directives – 2002/96 • Low Voltage Directive 73/27 • Machinery Directive 2006/42 Safety and EMC Standards: • IEC/UL/EN 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-040, EN 61326 Pressure Vessel and Steam Generator Construction...

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