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U-Project Inflatable Tent


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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 1

Inflatable Tent Medical, Decontamination, Activity

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 2

Inflatable Tent U-Project tent systems offer solutions for different purposes in different sectors. It is specifically designed and manufactured spesifically according to the needs of high comfort in difficult terrain. Hospital Tent Inflatable tents provides safe and reliable solution in order to deliver medical care services at the emergency site. Decontamination Tent Decontamination tents provide reliable space for hazardous material decontamination. Due to lengthwise partitions, the tent is divided two decontamination lines, which provides sufficient space for seperate s

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 3

Inflatable Tent Stock Code (Inflatable Tent) Stock Code (Decontamination Tent) Packed Dimensions (mm) Weight Number of Valves Inf/ Ext Frame Dimensions (mm)

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 4

Decontamination Tent Specifications Quickly mounting, minimum workforce It will be ready to use within 10 minutes by its own compressor No need for metal supports Heating, cooling and ventilating channels Spesific floor isolation for the heavy climate conditions Windows, lighting and additional doors Water proof and flame retardant fabric UV stabilization Different usage area changing by demand Special nodes for cable connections Connectable to a container or a tent Tent fixing sticks Easy to carry with its own bag Quick maintenance with repair kit Optional Features • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 5

Decontamination Shower Waterproof canvas 2 water spray system Shower system with 4 nozzles Floor grid Easy mounting Inflatable decontamination cabin is ready for use within seconds by a compressor. Stock Code Waste Water Pump • • • • 1100W motor power 18.000 l/h flow rate Ergonomic handle Removable filter Water Heater • • • • • Backpack Decontamination • • • 6 bar max.pressure Stainless steel material 7,8 L / h diesel consumption 71 kW electrical engine 63x66x97 cm dimensions Stock Code: TA-2030 Plastic 1/2 inch inlet hose 5 different washing function Stock Code: TA-2040 Can work independently...

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 6

Tent Accessories Aluminium body Polycarbon cover It is easy to install Easy to use, long life It works with 12V DC Stock Code: TA-1010 230/500 mbar motor power 1800/2500 l/min capacity 4,1 kg, 32x17xh26 cm Stock Code: TA-1020 Stainless steel body 150 kg carrying capacity Foldable feet Easy to carry and storage Stock Code: TA-1030 Diesel Sound insulation cabin 3 phases - 4 cylinder Automatic - Triphase 32 liter fuel tank 520 kg 823x1672x1127 cm(WxLxH) Stock Code: TA-1050 Water Tank 240 mbar motor power 1500 l/min capacity 8 kg, 30x25x22 cm Stock Code: TA-1021 Practical use Foldable feet Easy...

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 7

Stock Code: BG-1010 (empty) Stock Code: BG-1020 (full) Stock Code: BG-2010 (empty) Produced from polyamid There are 4 outer compartments Handcarried and shoulder straps Can be produced in any desired color Reflective tape enables easier recognition 45x28x2 cm (LxWxD) dimensions Empty weight, 1,3 kg Stock Code: BG-3020 (full) Backpack • • • • • • • • Stock Code: BG-4010 Produced from Polyamid Handcarried and shoulder straps Easy to carry by wheels Can be produced in any desired color Reflective tape enables easier recognition There are fixed 5 modul bag inside 65x40x25 cm (LxWxD) dimensions...

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U-Project Inflatable Tent - 8

Transport and Storage Case Specifications • • • • • • Stock Code Water and dust proof (IP67) High strength (STANAG 4280) Relief valve Stainless steel lock and handle Easy to carry by wheel Safe storage Outer Sizes (mm) Width Height 600 700 600 500 Inner Sizes (mm) Width Height Product Name 06830 Gölbaşı / Ankara - TURKEY T el

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