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DATA SHEET CPAP PILLOW CONSERVATION it is recommendable pillow conserve in a plane surface. Avoid natural light and humidity. ELIMINATION Not to burn and throw in the nature. Please, use places allocated for the purpose. WARRANTY 2 years since date of the invoice. This warranty not included normal wear of the cushion. Please, in case of incidence contact with distributor. THE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE I year. DESCRIPTION CPAP pillow INDICATIONS FOR USE Recommendable patients use mask. For example, Users CPAP machine. if you are getting a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, it is recommendable use this pillow. With this pillow avoid the bad use of the mask. it is deleted pressure in the mask and the mobility of the mask. With this pillow guaranteed good works of the mask and CPAP machine. MODELS universal size COVER: bamboo material REFERENCES II6I25 SIZES 53x33,5xII INSTALATION The cushion is adapted whatever bed. CLEANING/DESINFECTION Wash by hand or machine with non-abrasive products. Maximun temperature 3CUC. Bleach cannot be used. You can iron. it is possible to dry in a tumble dryer. Characteristics of the bamboo material: anti mites, antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-stain, breathable, soft and washable. COMPOSITION Outside: Bamboo (20% Bamboo, 80% polyester). Inside: silicone polyester fiber SAFETY Verify that pillow is adapted at the bed where we are going to use the pillow. Due to bamboo material that we use, cover of the cushion is breathable. SAFEGUARDS Caustics, alcohol-based or abrasive, solvents products and sharp instruments are not permitted. it is essential examined the normal wear of the pillow (hole, modifications in the surface, etc) routinely. PRECAUTIONS WITH REGARD TO MATERIALS Avoid the contact with the liquids and humidity in the pillow for a long time. it is recommendable a visual control of the overall status of the pillow, if pillow is crushed or not is recovering its form are things that it seems that the pillow is aged.

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