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premiumLine Our top model As the fruit of our decades of experience in the field of ophthalmic and microsurgery, we have managed to design the absolute high-end, top quality model. Allow yourself to be swept away by the innovative materials, the visionary shapes, the elegant design and the sophisticated extra functions. Set new standards in your operating room! Come and discover the eyeForce, and be dazzled by its economy, effectiveness and quality. It is synonymous for top quality. Optionally equipped with our e-drive system, it is the only treatment chair in ophthalmic surgery business...

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PREMIUM LINE Ophthalmic surgery Aesthetic surgery Plastic surgery Hair transplantation The professional world is excited and has honored us with an award! Implantology Oral surgery Maxillofacial surgery Our premiumLine eyeForce treatment chair was awarded the i-NOVO® Awards Tech Winner Innovation Prize in recognition of the rational design and extremely high-quality workmanship. We feel honored by this recognition and award. SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES TREATMENT CHAIRS / premiumLine

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PREMIUM LINE eyeForce Item No.: 1800 0000 Our most innovative and modern patient positioning system with auto-run functions - specialized for precision surgery in head area. With optional e-drive easy-push aid, Steering Guide and SES automated extension system - for even more ergonomics and economy at your workplace. Trendsetting comfort and supreme quality MED.TEC at its highest level Double castors Four fully rotating double-run castors for back-friendly and easy rolling motion. Precision lightweight chassis made of cast aluminum. Lasercut procedure. Highly stable stainless steel frames....

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Precise positioning of the head part Sterile adjustment by surgeon/maximum legroom Tiltable foot control 3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest element with head molding and neck support for guaranteed safe and correct positioning of the head. Tiltable foot keypad via two 4-way joysticks plus activation switch allow sensitive and precise chair adjustment even after the surgeon is already steril. Pushing the pedal lip (by foot) will activate the electronic control and battery mode of the equipment. PREMIUM LINE Components Headrest with ball joint and more Discover additional features and...

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Hand control PREMIUM LINE Activate memory function/automatic movement It is possible to save 5 MEMO positions: Set the desired position (hold down the MEMO key until the orange LED lights up). Then press the numeric key of a memory location for a MEMO position - the MEMO position is now saved. The eyeForce treatment chair is adapted for patient positioning and ergonomic and comfortable patient treatment, in particular for outpatient surgical techniques, and offers versatile adjustment of the head, back, seat and leg sections and overall chair height for patient transport. Press and hold...

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“Steering Guide” maneuvering aid Operation via push handles and hand control Pushing from the head direction Pushing from the foot direction PREMIUM LINE The eyeForce treatment chair offers an electron ically controlled braking system with “Steering Guide” function. In addition to “free movement” and “brake applied” the treatment chair offers directional guidance as an additional electronic wheel positioning function. This additional function facilitates the controlled maneuvering of the chair by just one person and can be activated from both sides of the chair via the chair handles or...

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PREMIUM LINE eyeForce + e-drive Item No.: 1800 0000 + 3316 0000 Powerful yet gentle. e-drive system for effortless and rapid movement of the chair over long distances. The new optional system consists of a 5th wheel with drive motor. It serves as a pushing aid for easy forward and backward movement – with an extra range of 2 kilometers per battery charge. The system's operation is identical to that of the “Steering Guide” system, via the respective push handles with potentiometer for infinite and precise speed adjustment. It is possible to integrate the system any time at a later date....

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The ease of pushing - How much force is needed to move 300 kg? - Zero. Who would have thought this is possible? More than 1,000 eyeForce with e-drive are already in use in eye clinics all over the world: up to 700,000 kilometers per year! PREMIUM LINE This is how far your staff pushes a load of 300 kilograms per year: • approximately 70 meters per surgery round • up to 10,000 surgeries per year each This results in up to 700 km per year! Push handles 2.0 - perfect interaction - top-of-the line mobility and ergonomics. More legroom in the operating room! Space-saving. Fold-down handles on...

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PREMIUM LINE Technical specifications <*> Chassis • Brake system acting on all four castors • Directionally guided steering (“Steering Guide”), easily activated at the push of a button • Castor diameter, electr. conductive 0 150/100 mm • Foot control element with joystick (total, head, back, Trendelenburg up/down) • Emergency stop button • Optional push-aid (e-drive) • With equipotential bonding connection • Abrasion-resistant corner guards (orange) made of synthetic rubber 4-part support frame (head, back, seat, leg part) Removable upholstery 40 mm Standard stainless steel side rails on...

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Mains-free operation Simple battery replacement • Power supply-independent battery unit with 2 batteries (lead-gel), pollution free, maintenance-free, cadmium-free • Quick-exchange battery drawer replaceable without tools • Universal battery charger Input: 100 - 240 V Operating time per battery charge • Measured by operating circle (Prepare-Operate-Recover) 100 OPs • Quantity of operating circles depends on individual operation Max. load 250 kg Subject to technical modifications. Easy recharging of the equipment thanks to charging adapter and integrated battery charger circuit board. An...

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