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“We build treatment chairs and surgical chairs for physicians and patients with a keen understanding of quality and outstanding Christian Scherrieble comfort!” “We develop products for the most brilliant machine there is – the human body.” Jürgen Scherrieble SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES UFSK-International OSYS GmbH

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We started out with a vision - “Designed from the practice - for the practice” UFSK-OSYS has been developing highly specialized mobile treatment and surgeon´s chairs for ophthalmology for almost 30 years - in close cooperation with renowned ophthalmic surgeons. We believe in never losing sight of what really matters, while keeping a keen eye on the latest advances in medicine. Our core competency: the precise and safe positioning of both patient and surgeon for eye surgeries and microsurgical procedures in the head area. To address this challenge, we build tailor-made work platforms...

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Treatment chairs eyeForce eyeForce + e-drive About us Facts Corporate philosophy UFSK-OSYS quality Legal notice Treatment table Treatment chairs functionalClass Transport and relaxing chairs motionLine motionLine-E SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES UFSK-International OSYS GmbH - CONTENT

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Surgeon's chairs Assistant's chairs surgiTrend surgiLine Instrument table Classifications/color cards 62 60 Cover drapes - stayClean Paper roll - stayClean roll Kick bucket - stayClean hick bucket SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES UFSK-International OSYS GmbH - CONTENT

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Product Guide - 6

Ophthalmic surgery Core competence Optimized workflow Less and less time for more and more patients? Tight calculations and falling return on investment? Clinic-friendly rotation systems are a big help for cutting down on average surgery times because every minute counts. Every minute counts While you are operating on a patient, another patient can be prepared while yet another patient can recuperate. Your patient never needs to leave his or her seat. With the simple push of a button, You can conveniently adjust the treatment chair into operating table position - comfort right from the...

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Product Guide - 7

Thanks to the mobility of UFSK-OSYS treatment chairs, patients can be pushed directly from the preparation room into the operating room - without having to get up. After surgery, patients can be taken to the recovery room on the same chair. This quickly frees up your operating theater for the next patient. What better guarantee for a high patient turnover - while saving you time and money! 1 Simple and secure access The low access and sitting height support even physically handicapped patients while getting into the chair, 2 Innovative patient transport The ‘intelligent’ chassis ensures...

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CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY Corporate philosophy Innovations Intelligent solutions for your workplace In constant search for perfection, we specify innovative details in our designs and functionality of our products. For even more • • • • Mobility Ease of use Comfort in seating and reclining Corporate healthcare Know-how and precision Intelligent design that promotes mobility Our highlights Battery technology usage, independent from electricity supply - powerful and eco friendly Memory-position and Auto-Run-function for frequently used treatment positions - time saving and useful Sterile...

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Product Guide - 9

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY UFSK-OSYS Practical Intelligence Investing with foresight into the future Developing and manufacturing treatment and surgeon´s chairs of sophisticated and sustainable product quality has been our top priority for years. We believe in your ideas and suggestions as an excellent opportunity for continuously improving our products to give you the best possible equipment to work with. In 2020, we expanded our production facilities and capacities at the Regensburg site for the third time, thus creating the spatial and personnel resources for the sustained positive further...

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Product Guide - 10

UFSK-OSYS QUALITY Quality monitoring UFSK-OSYS quality<§>- We define "quality" not only by the end product but in all processes, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement. We believe in supreme quality - both in our products and in our services - and we dare you to put us to the test! Our certified QM system meets the requirements of ISO 13485:2016, i.e. it meets the particular performance and safety criteria imposed for the development, manufacture and sale of medical devices. Beyond complying with the technical product standards (DIN/EN/IEC) and legal conformity requirements (CE,...

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Product Guide - 11

UFSK-OSYS QUALITY UFSK-OSYS business intelligence UFSK-OSYS after-sale Communication as added value We believe in long-term, fair and successful cooperation with our customers as our number-one priority governing all of our actions. We are connected to our customers 24/7 via our worldwide distributor network. Don't hesitate to use our customer hotline and online support. We offer regular live webinars, especially for our distributors. In addition to our know-how and long-standing experience, we believe especially in identifying your needs and expectations, and to make them a reality - in an...

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Product Guide - 12

premiumLine premiumLine Our top model As the fruit of our decades of experience in the field of ophthalmic and microsurgery, we have managed to design the absolute high-end, top quality model. Allow yourself to be swept away by the innovative materials, the visionary shapes, the elegant design and the sophisticated extra functions. eyeForce eyeForce Item No.: 1800 0000 Set new standards in your operating room! Come and discover the eyeForce, and be dazzled by its economy, effectiveness and quality. It is synonymous for top quality. Optionally equipped with our e-drive system, it is the only...

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PREMIUM LINE eyeForce e-drive eyeForce + e-drive Ophthalmic surgery Aesthetic surgery Plastic surgery Hair transplantation The professional world is excited and has honored us with an award! Implantology Oral surgery Maxillofacial surgery Our premiumLine eyeForce treatment chair was awarded the i-NOVO® Awards Tech Winner Innovation Prize in recognition of the rational design and extremely high-quality workmanship. We feel honored by this recognition and award. SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES TREATMENT CHAIRS / premiumLine

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