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surgiForce light Item No.: 2600 0006 with Comfort seat Item No.: 2600 0009 with Formed seat (Illustration) surgiForce light – extraordinary technology and materials in typical surgiForce premium design, in combination with other control elements: A clearly structured twin foot keypad plus manually operated gas spring mechanisms in the arm supports – for surgeons wishing to precision-adjust their arm position with minimum fuss. MED.TEC at its highest level PREMIUM LINE Double castors Plastic cover panels The five high-grade double castors are smoothrunning and rotated by 360 degrees. This...

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Armrests with gas-spring mechanism 3D freedom of movement Sterile height adjustment High-precision, maintenance-free ball joint for full 360-degree range armrest movements around all axes. Ultra-lightweight guide system for fast, efficient and vibration-proof adjustment of individual underarm positions. The height of the armrests can be adjusted independently of the seat and independently of each other. Need to readjust surgiForce light while maintaining sterile conditions? Not a problem! In addition to the foot keypad, surgiForce light features so-called “one-hand triggers“ underneath the...

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Multi-function unit Foot operated Braking system Timeless foot keypad design for UP/DOWN seat height adjustment with non-slip polyamide touch surfaces. Easy-to-reach brake levers on either side of the driving mechanism for centralized braking/unfettered maneuvering. The easy-to-reach and easy-to-use central brake acts on all four double castors to keep the surgiForce light safely and reliably in the desired position. Abrasion-resistant corner guards (orange) made of synthetic rubber take the stress out of maneuvering surgiForce light even at close quarters to other medical equipment....

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Upholstery/color card Mains-free operation Accumulators Lifting column The charger-battery-control unit integrated in the drive mechanism permits mains-free operation at protective low voltage. Splash-protected charging socket on the bottom of the drive mechanism. Standard color black Item No.: 3037 0223 Technical specifications • Lifting height of the seat 170 mm (electromotive adjustment via the foot control) • Lifting height of the armrests 135 mm Dimensions maximum (L x W x H) incl. armrests • with Comfort seat • with Formed seat Standard color anthracite Item No.: 3037 0052 Formed seat...

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surgiForce light Formed seat Item No.: 2600 0009 Armrest pair with linear guide and one-hand release, factory-fitted PREMIUM LINE SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES SURGEON´S CHAIRS / surgiForce light / COMPONENTS Seat adjustment mechanism incl. foot release for sliding carriage, for sterile adjustment of the sliding carriage, adjustment 120 mm Footswitch plate 429 x 820 mm, height 53 mm Footswitch plate 429 x 670 mm, height 53 mm surgiForce light Comfort seat Item No.: 2600 0006 Seat adjustment mechanism for optimum access to the operating field, adjustment 120 mm, factory-fitted

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COLOR CARDS “skai® Tundra” High quality skai® material with fine calf leather grain and subdued matte-glosseffect. The very extensive and trend- orientated color spectrum enables many applications and combinations. Product Specification • Long-lasting • Tear resistant • Easy to clean • Abrasion resistant (DIN EN ISO 6570-2) • Lightfast • Disinfectant resistant • Biocompatibility: cytotoxicity (EN ISO 10 993-5) and epicutaneous test (EN ISO 10 993-10) • Blood- and urine resistant • Phthalate-free • Vegan eyeForce 500 XLE 500 XLE comfort 500 XLS 500 ECO 400 XL surgiForce surgiForce light...

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COLOR CARDS “skai® Pandoria Plus” skai® Pandoria Plus is a high-quality upholstery material, whose fine micropore structure gives a certain unobtrusiveness, which is refined by an attractive tone-in-tone effect. The very pleasant feel of the material and the excellent material characteristic and the broad, modern color spectrum make skai® Pandoria Plus universally usable. Product Specification • Long-lasting • Tear resistant • Easy to clean • Abrasion resistant (DIN EN ISO 5470-2) • Resistant to oil and fat • Lightfast • Disinfectant resistant • Flame protection • Biocompatibility:...

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COLOR CARDS “PeriLine” Product Specification • Without Phthalates • Biocompatibility: cytotoxicity (EN ISO 10 993-5) and epicutaneous test (EN ISO 10 993-10) • Urine resistance • Blood resistance • Resistance to perspiration • Resistance to spitting • Light fastness • Color fastness to rubbing • Flame retardant surgiForce surgiForce light surgiTrend surgiLine assistPro F assistPro H easyPro F easyPro R easyLine F easyLine R Comfort seat Comfort seat Comfort seat Comfort seat The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. If you wish to receive original...

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