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500 bariatric PERFORMANCE LINE Item No. : 1500 0002 The 500bariatric - our ultra rugged treatment chair, with an extra 760 mm of reclining surface, increased lifting capacity and 350 kg payload capacity. Power and comfort for obese patients Designed for maximum load Chassis Rugged steel frame and highly resilient steel chassis, galvanized and powder-coated in anthracite. Four fully rotating double-run castors for spine friendly and easy rolling motion. Outstanding driving characteristics. Manual keypad with 3 freely programmable memory positions and reset button. Removable foot keypad for...

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Mechanical maneuvering aid on the chassis Braking system Operation via foot lever on the chassis Manual adjustable foot lever Activation of directional guidance PERFORMANCE LINE Pushing from the head direction Castors are released, directional guidance is deactivated Pushing from the foot direction Precise positioning of the head part Additional handles / shoulder parts and more Headrest 3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest element with head molding and neck support for guaranteed safe and correct head positioning. SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES TREATMENT CHAIRS / 500 bariatric Hinged and...

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Electrical control - 4-part support frame (head, back, seat, leg part) - Length 1.880 – 1.940 mm - Width 760 mm - Width incl. armrest 1030 mm - Entry height 620 mm - Removeable upholstery - All components according to IPX4 - Manual keypad with 3 individually programmable memory positions and reset button - Foot keypad with 4 footswitches Technical specifications - Frame profile 90 x 50 mm - Outside length 935 mm - Outside width 850 mm - Zinc-plated and powder-coated according to RAL - Central brake on both sides works on all four castors. The direction of two castors can be independently...

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Mains-free operation Simple battery replacement - Battery box with 2 batteries (lead-gel), pollution free, maintenance-free, cadmium-free 2 x 12 V 7,2 Ah - As back-up-system exchangeable without tools - Acoustic low voltage signal for discharge protection - Universal battery charger Input: 100-240 V Output: 24 V Easy recharging of the equipment thanks to charging adapter and integrated battery charger circuit board. Extra security thanks to exchangeable battery box. Easy replacement of discharged battery boxes. Operating time per battery charge - Measured by operating circle...

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Head part bumper Wrist rest Wrist rest Mounting plate stainless Head fixation pillow stainless steel incl. mounting plate incl. mounting plate steel for the wrist rest with hollow (rubins pillow), height adjustable, swiveling, Cylinder holder Instrument table Shoulder parts right and left Half round bolster pillow Full round bolster pillow, Wrist secure straps, pair Bodystrap with Side rails (right+left) cushions knees, swiveling incl. locking, with universal joint, cushions knees, with wrist secure straps Monitor arm stainless steel, Additional handles, pair Flexible surgical drape...

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COLOUR CARDS surgiLine Formed seat

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COLOUR CARDS " Pandoria plus" eyeForce

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Upgrade your OR to perfection. surgiForce light stayClean wipes stayClean roll supportLine plus UFSK-International OSYS GmbH Mail info@ufsk-osys.com

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