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surgiForce light Item No. : 2600 0005 with Dynamic seat (Illustration) Item No. : 2600 0006 with Comfort seat surgiForce light - extraordinary technology and materials in typical surgiForce premium design, in combination with other control elements: A clearly structured twin footswitch plus manually operated gas spring mechanisms in the arm supports - for surgeons wishing to precision-adjust their arm position with minimum fuss. MED.TEC at its highest level PREMIUM LINE Double castors Plastic cover panels The five high-grade double castors are smooth-running and rotated by 360 degrees. This...

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Mains-free operation Accumulators Braking system The charger-battery-control unit integrated in the drive mechanism permits mains-free operation at protective low voltage. Splash-protected charging socket on the bottom of the drive mechanism. The easy-to-reach and easy-to-use central brake acts on all four double castors to keep the surgiForce light safely and reliably in the desired position. Multi-function unit Foot operated SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES SURGEON´S CHAIRS / surgiForce light Abrasion-resistant corner guards (orange) made of synthetic rubber take the stress out of maneuvering...

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Armrests with gas-spring mechanism 3D freedom of movement Armrest height is adjustable independently of seat height. It takes only simple rolling movement to manually control the gas spring mechanism. Need to readjust surgiForce while maintaining sterile conditions? Not a problem! In addition to the footswitch, surgiForce features so-called “one-hand triggers“ underneath the armrests. Turning, tilting, rotating: The armrests have been designed for fast and unfussy 3D movements. High-precision, maintenance-free ball joint for full 360-degree range armrest movements around all axes....

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Technical specifications Battery unit Lifting column Angled armrest support for increased freedom of armrest movement around the lateral axis. - Lifting height of the seat - Lifting height of the armrests - lectromotive adjustment via E the foot control elements - Lead-gel battery, 2 pcs. - Universal battery charger: - Input - Output Sitzsysteme: Comfort ( Dynamic ) Dimensions - Max W x L x H (incl. armrests) Chassis - Castors - 5th castors - Central brake acting on all four castors - Emergency stop button - Min. sitting height - Max. sitting height - Seat angle adjustments - Back angle...

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Footswitch plate adapter surgiForce Dynamic seat Item No. : 2600 0002 surgiForce Arm rest pair with one-hand surgiForce Comfort seat Item No. : 2600 0004 release for neurosurgery ( angular ), retrofit kit Item No.: 3351 1010 Arm rest pair with linear surgiForce light guide and one-hand release, Seat adjustment mechanism PREMIUM LINE for optimum access to the operating field, surgiForce light Dynamic seat Item No. : 2600 0005 surgiForce light Comfort seat Item No. : 2600 0006 SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES SURGEON´S CHAIRS / surgiForce & surgiForce light / ACCESSORIES

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COLOUR CARDS surgiTrend Dynamic seat surgiForce light Dynamic seat surgiForce Dynamic seat 2600 0002 SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES COLOUR CARDS / Stamskin top

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COLOUR CARDS " Periline " surgiForce Comfort seat 2600 0004 surgiForce light Comfort seat surgiLine Comfort seat surgiTrend Comfort seat SURGICAL CHAIRS & TABLES COLOUR CARDS / Periline The printed colours may differ slightly from the original colours. If you wish to receive original colour charts, please contact us at

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Upgrade your OR to perfection. surgiForce light stayClean wipes stayClean roll supportLine plus UFSK-International OSYS GmbH Mail

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