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ugo basile TRANSFORMING IDEAS INTO INSTRUMENTS METABOLISM, FEEDING BEHAVIOUR www.ugobasile.com Metabolic Cages Cat. No. 41700-002, -004, -005 for Rats Cat. No. 4170-003, -033 for Mice General These carefully engineered metabolic cages, manufactured by TECNIPLAST, are designed for simplicity of operation and total part interchangeability and feature a unique funnel/cone design which effectively separates faeces and urine and collects them into vials outside the cage. All components below the cage floor are removable without upsetting the test animal and thus preventing behavioural artifacts. Four models are available for either rats or mice; their dimensions comply with current USA animal welfare regulations. See Ordering Information for basic metabolic cages. The Tecniplast Metabolic Cages feature a unique funnel and cone design that effectively separates faeces and urine into tubes outside the cage. There's no urine washover and no potential for urine to enter the faeces tube, so separation is immediate and complete. The results are untainted and the samples reliable. The cage performs well with either mice (in group) or rats; a single mouse cage of new design is also available. Space saving and great visibility are facilitated by the 12-cage rack. RELIABLE DURABLE • Practicality of use • Flexibility • Space saving see also 41853, with food/drink and activity analysis • Unique design and high quality • materials, to maximize reliability and endurance. • Every component is designed to be • interchangeable to provide maximum flexibility Separation apparatus featuring low-adherence plastic materials: perfect separation and collection of faeces and urine Easy to remove feeder and collection tubes: feed filling and samples collection without disturbing the animals on test.

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METABOLIC CAGES Cage Components Entire lower section of the cage can be easily removed. The Metabolic cage components are: l an Upper Chamber, made of smooth, gnaw-proof materials. l a Feeder Chamber, located outside cage. Size discourages rodent from nesting or sleeping inside. The drawer slides out for easy filling without disturbing the animal Convenient for cleaning during multi-phase investigation. l a Collection funnel and separating cone, unique design and non-wetting PMP ensure immediate, complete separation of faeces and urine l a Faeces Collection tube, made of non-wetting PMP....

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