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More than 26.000 citations in behavioral research Since more than 50 years Ugo Basile designs and manufactures classic and innovative devices, essential in animal behavioral studies. Whether your research involves the study of memory, learning, anxiety, depression, fear, stress, social interaction, addiction, or more complex behavioural protocols, we have the answer: our line of conditioning/avoidance cages, mazes, videotracking, etc. keeps growing thanks to always new devices and methods.

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OPERON (Papaleo-Scheggia’s method) The Utimate Intra/Extradimensional Attentional Set-Shifting Task for Mice Attentional set shifting is a measure of cognitive flexibility and executive functions, which refers to the ability to switch between arbitrary internal rules; similar tasks for rodents are currently limited due to their manual-based testing procedures and they are hampering translational advances in psychiatric medicine. This novel ID/ED Operon task is an effective preclinical tool for drug testing and large genetic relevant screenings to study the executive dysfunctions and...

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STARTLE/PPI TESTAutomatic detection of Startle Reflex in Mice Prepulse inhibition (PPI) is a neurological phenomenon in which a weaker prestimulus (prepulse) inhibits the reaction of an organism to a subsequent strong startling stimulus (pulse). When prepulse inhibition is high, the corresponding one-time startle response is reduced. The reduction of the amplitude of startle reflects the ability of the nervous system to temporarily adapt to a strong sensory stimulus when a preceding weaker signal is given to warn the organism. PPI is detected in numerous species ranging from mice to human....

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AGORA MAZE Socio-Box Test for Mice Research has shown that, although human social behavior is generally more complex, humans and animals share some aspects of social behavior; developing new tools for the assessment of social skills in mouse models is essential to further advance in the understanding of these diseases. Prerequisite for living in social environment is a highly complex set of social skills that governs interactions between members of a group; consequently, impairments in these social skills, have consequences for individuals and society. The new Agora Maze allows evaluation...

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Fear Conditioning Active Avoidance The UGO BASILE ANY-maze controlled Fear Conditioning System automates the two most common fear conditioning paradigms: Contextual Fear Conditioning and Cued fear Conditioning. The detection of freezing is automated and based on video analysis. Multiple systems, with virtually no limit, are easily assembled. Tests are run in an animal cage with a grid floor, whose appearance can be easily altered by attaching patterned contexts on the walls and floor, within a sound-attenuating box. Active avoidance is a fear-motivated associative avoidance task. In this...

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Morris Water Maze and Atlantis System The Ugo Basile Water Maze pools, made of alimentary-grade fiberglass, are at the same time lightweight, resilient and durable. Available in different sizes and colors. In combination with the optional Atlantis automatized platforms, and our videotracking system, they are the state of the art set-up for the Morris water maze test. The Barnes Maze is a valid alternative to the water maze to study spatial memory. The motivational drive is the rodent’s instinctive aversion for open spaces and natural preference for dark and “sheltered” spaces. High contrast...

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Multi-Maze System The multi-maze system is a versatile modular device of original design with which the ideal configuration to study spatial learning and spatial memory in rats or mice can be assembled. Its components can be easily combined to set-up an electronically controlled device, in the Y, T and 8-arm radial maze configurations. The proprietary sliding doors, controlled by the electronic unit or via videotracking software, retract in the maze floor, quickly but silently, ensuring unobstructed animal tracking. Our manual radial, Y- and T- mazes have a metal base painted in a high...

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EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOUR IDEAS! Our R&D has capability and will to customize existing instruments, or create new instruments from scratch. Pain and Inflammation Motory Coordination, Grip Strength, Activity Ventilators and Gas Anesthesia Behaviour, Conditioning, Reward Behaviour, Mazes, Tracking Tissue baths, Transducers, Recorders Miscellaneous, ECT, LMD Blood Pressure, Vital Functions Metabolism, Feeding Behaviour Muromachi Microwave Fixation Researchers trust Ugo Basile to fulfill their need of reliable custom instruments! It’s true UGO BASILE TRANSFORMS IDEAS INTO INSTRUMENTS. Just...

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