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Catalogue 2019 - 5

BROWSE PRODUCTS BY APPLICATION (captions link to the related web page) NEUROPATHIC PAIN, HYPERALGESIA, INFLAMMATION, JOINT PAIN Analgesy-Meter Hot/Cold Plate TPP Thermal Place Preference TGR Thermal Gradient Ring (Zimmermann's method) P.A.M. Pressure Application Measurement Plantar Test (Hargreaves Apparatus) Plethysmometer Tail-Flick Unit Rodent Treadmill Mouse / Rat Rota-Rod Orofacial Stimulation Test ALLODYNIA, HYPERSENSITIVITY. SOMATOSENSATION Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer Von Frey Hairs (with grid) Hot/Cold Plate TPP Thermal Place Preference TGR Thermal Gradient Ring (Zimmermann's...

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Catalogue 2019 - 6

ADDICTION AND REWARD, SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR AND AUTISM ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, FEAR, STRESS I Sociability Apparatus (3-chambered social test) Agora Maze for Social Interaction Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) KDS Infusion Pumps ANYmaze Video-Tracking Software Lickometer Vogel Test Open Field Startle Response/PPI Learned Helplessness Activity Cage ANYmaze Video-Tracking Software Lickometer Vogel Test Elevated Plus Maze Open Field Elevated Zero-Maze Light/Dark Box Hole Board Forced Swim Test ELECTROLYTIC LESIONS AND INFUSION EPILEPSY, SEIZURES, CONVULSIONS BRAIN CHEMISTRY, PHOSPHORYLATION I Lesion...

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Catalogue 2019 - 7

ugo basile TRANSFORMING IDEAS INTO PAIN and INFLAMMATION Including measuring cell for both RAT & MOUSE paw!! FOR ACCURATE MEASUREMENT OF: • RAT paw oedema • MOUSE paw oedema General In research on rheumatoid arthritis, the central development of oedema, and its modifications by pharmacological processes, it has proved of great value to measure inflammatory processes in the rat paw. Our Plethysmometer 37140 displays the exact paw volume on the graphic LCD read-out. Small differences are detected by a transducer of original design. The 37140 is provided with a...

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Catalogue 2019 - 8

Volume Measuring Water Cell Also Available The measuring cell consists of two vertical interconnected Perspex tubes; the animal paw is dipped in the larger tube (1.8cm diam) to measure water displacement. A tube of smaller diameter (1.3cm) is also included for measuring the mouse paw. The smaller diameter side tube contains the transducer which measures the conductance between two vertical wire electrodes. Conductance is linearly proportional to the water level, hence to the displaced volume. Data Acquisition The 37140 Plethysmometer is microprocessor controlled, featuring direct PC output....

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Catalogue 2019 - 9

Randall-Selitto Paw Pressure Test Cat. No. 37215 now available with optional upgrade to digital reading General The 37215 is the up to date version of the classical 7200 paw pressure test which, since 1965, is helping to perform a rapid precise screening of analgesic drugs in a number of academic and industrial laboratories. We are now introducing a specific pressure sensor and the related controller, available as optional, to transform the Analgesy-Meter in a fully digital device. As the basic design is unchanged, results with the digital model are consistent with published data. The...

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Catalogue 2019 - 10

Instrument Description The force is applied to the animal’s paw, which is placed on a small plinth under a cone-shaped pusher with a rounded tip. The operator depresses a pedal switch to start the mechanism which exerts the force: the force increases at a constant rate, thus enabling perfect reproducible measurements to be made. The motor stops immediately the pedal is released. Force is measured on the scale calibrated in 10g steps, The scale can be multiplied by 2 or 3, by placing on the slide one or two discs provided with as standard. ANALGESY-METER, complete with following standard...

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Catalogue 2019 - 11

ugo basile TRANSFORMING IDEAS INTO INSTRUMENTS PAIN and INFLAMMATION Hot / Cold Plate Cat. No. 35150 General This new Hot/Cold Plate NG offers a wide temperature range, presetable in the range -5°C to 65°C, can be used as: • A conventional HOT PLATE, to carry out a rapid precise screening of narcotic type analgesic drugs according to the well known Hot Plate Test devised by N.B. Eddy and D. Leinbach. • As a COLD PLATE; the Cold Plate Test is useful in studying cold receptors and cold allodynia, a phenomenon very frequently observed in chronic pain on humans. The lid reduces humidity...

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Catalogue 2019 - 12

HOT/COLD PLATE Instrument Description The Ugo Basile Hot/Cold Plate NG features: l a cabinet incorporating the Heating/Cooling Plate l a convenient restrainer (25cm tall, suitable to restrain either mice or rats), with anti-dew lid. The software automatically classifies the data, combining configuration settings with test results; the user can add information, before or after the test. Results appear in a tree-like structure, where columns can be dragged and dropped to customize the layout. The plate temperature can be set in the range -5.0 to 65.0° with 0.5° increments (0.1° precision)....

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Catalogue 2019 - 13

ugo basile TRANSFORMING IDEAS INTO INSTRUMENTS PAIN and INFLAMMATION TPP Set-Up for Thermal Place Preference Cat. No. 35250 / 35260 General Both heat and cold evoke thermosensation, which, may elicit feelings of pain. Thermosensation is an essential sensory function which involves a variety of transducer molecules. The TPP (or 2-choice temperature test), is a thermal sensitivity assessment tool designed to emphasize integrated learned responses to thermal stimuli applied by the surface on which the animal stands. It documents escape behaviour in awake, unrestrained animals...

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Catalogue 2019 - 14

TPP THERMAL PLACE PREFERENCE 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz 50(w)x37(d)x47(h)cm, with restrainers 14.4Kg 20Kg approx. 68x34x28cm (2 boxes) + 45x34x26cm Instrument Description The Ugo Basile Set-UP for TPP consists of: • a Hot/Cold Plate 35150 • an additional Hot Plate 35150-002 • a set including special tubes, and a corridor for either mouse or rat (respectively 35250-003 and 35260-002), to interconnect the two plates. Both 35150 and 35150-002 are standard devices, complete with all accessories (see the related datasheet), to be used as independent devices. The Heating Plate 35150-002 is a basic unit,...

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