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MAZES for VIDEO-TRACKING Animal Mazes for Video-Tracking FOR STUDIES OF: l Anxiety and Stress l Memory and Learning l Spatial Memory l Activity and Exploration General The Animal Mazes manufactured by Ugo Basile are designed to give optimal results with any Video-Tracking software. This is achieved by: l high-contrast colors: grey, white, black or the NEW Ugo Basile Light-Blue l non-reflective colors: reflections are a common source of error in animal tracking. Let’s avoid them! All maze materials were selected to be sturdy and easy to clean, to construct reliable and durable mazes. Main Features l High-contrast, non-reflective colors optimized for Video-Tracking l Quality materials: light, easy to clean and to store l Surface texture selected for best rodent’s comfort (reasonable rough, “warm” surface) Ugo Basile: more than 10,000 cita

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ANIMAL MAZES Water Maze Pool height 15, height from the floor 60 cm The Ugo Basile Water Mazes are water pools specifically manufactured for Morris Water Maze experiments (i.e., not a cattle drinking trough) and include: -wheels and drain hose Y-maze, T-maze These mazes have a metal base painted in non-reflective grey (more colors on request) and plastic arms that can be disassembled and closed with the included doors. Dimension (cm): Y-maze, Mouse: arms length 35, width 5, wall height 10 Y-maze, Rat: arms length 50, width 10, wall height 20 -built-in connectors for Hydraulic Atlantis...

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