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Pain and Inflammation More than 15,000 citations in pain and inflammation papers Estimates suggest that 20% of adults suffer from pain globally1. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disabilities. From 1963 Ugo Basile’s devices have had a prominent role in research on pain & inflammation, precious tools for researchers to achieve their experimental goals. D. S. Goldberg and S. J. Mcgee, “Pain as a global public health priority”

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THERMAL GRADIENT RING (Zimmermann’s method) An innovative device for Thermal Preference Phenotyping in Mice The Thermal Gradient Ring is a novel device, which allows recording and analysis of Comprehensive Thermal Preference Phenotyping in Mice, according to Katharina Zimermann’s method. In recent years the cellular and molecular mechanisms of temperature sensing and thermoregulation subject of research. Some researchers have the limits of the two-temperature choice test. To overcome current limitations we have designed a novel circular thermal gradient assay for thermal preference...

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THERMAL PLACE PREFERENCETwo-Temperature choice, for mice and for rats The Ugo Basile Thermal Place Preference Test, or Two-Temperature Choice Test, is an operator independent test which allows monitoring temperature preferences and nociceptive thresholds in rodents (mice and rats), by assessing the rodent's temperature preference. An unrestrained animal (both rat and mouse) can move freely between two 2 compartments set at different temperatures, thus choosing its preferred position (comfort zone). This behavioural protocol provides data about temperature preferences, nociceptive thresholds...

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A classical device, redesigned Ugo Basile has redesigned the Tail Flick, a classical device, which measures the latency of the avoidance response, i.e. the flicking of the tail, when pain is induced by radiant heat, according to the method described by D’Amour & Smith in 1941. The rodent is held by the operator on the instrument unobstructed upper panel in such a way that its tail, placed over a flush mounted window, receives the I.R. energy. The operator starts the stimulus and the related reaction-time counter by the pedal switch provided. When the animal reaches the threshold of pain and...

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Plantar Test Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer The Plantar Test Instrument (Hargreave’s Method) measures the response to infrared heat stimulus, applied to the plantar surface. Our Plantar Test is the original apparatus, designed in close cooperation with Prof. Ken Hargreaves, who devised the method. Latency to paw withdrawal and infrared intensity are recorded automatically ( manual scoring, as in other models available on the market!). The Plantar Test represents a remarkable advance in methodology, as it combines some of the best features of all other methods pain sensitivity. Unique...

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The first and original device designed specifically to measure paw volume and its changes (swelling) in rodents. Almost 3000 bibliographic citations since the 1960s! Our Plethysmometer 37140 displays the exact paw volume on the graphic LCD read-out with 0.01 ml resolution. Small differences are detected by a transducer of original design. The 37140 is provided with a pedal holding-command which freezes the reading, enabling the operator to concentrate its attention on the paw dipping. Measuring cells are available in different sizes. The PAM (Pressure Application Measurement) device is a...

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VonFrey Filaments Durham Holders for Orofacial Stimultion The Aesthesio® set of 20 monofilaments is based on the Semmes Weinstein monofilament set, and features retractable head to protect the filament and allow the evaluator to carry a few around in a pocket. Used for evaluating cutaneous sensation levels, it’s one of the most popular non-invasive techniques used. The filaments are individually calibrated to deliver a target force, from 0.008 grams to 300 grams. Subsets of 5 and 6 filaments, as well as individual filaments are also available. The Aesthesio filaments can be used on the...

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UGO BASILE LEADER IN BEHAVIORAL TOOLS SINCE 1963 A complete range of instruments for your animal research Pain and Inflammation Motory Coordination, Grip Strength, Activity Ventilators and Gas Anesthesia Behaviour, Conditioning, Reward Behaviour, Mazes, Tracking Tissue baths, Transducers, Recorders Miscellaneous, ECT, LMD Blood Pressure, Vital Functions Metabolism, Feeding Behaviour Muromachi Microwave Fixation UGO BASILE Inventions Our roots trace back to the 60s at University of Milan, where our founder was appointed Chief Lab Technician. Ugo Basile was able to bring together expertise...

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