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Anyone wishing to achieve top performance must focus passionately on a goal. True to this maxim, Uhlmann has concentrated for over 65 years on highly efficient packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry – and that alone. Not only does an Uhlmann embody outstanding technology, but also amalgamated knowledge of the needs and market requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. Outcome is the assurance of having a partner at your side who fully understands all aspects of your business. And who masters the pharmaceutical processes along the entire value-added chain like no other. Our...

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CAN A BLISTER LINE SURPASS ITS VALUE? Without doubt, technical parameters are a vital indication of performance. In reality, however, the added value of a packaging line becomes apparent during day-to-day use in production. How high is the effective uptime? How do product forms and types of packaging impact the actual output? How quickly are format changeovers and line clearance really completed? And, not least, how smart is the operating system for the user in practice? The latest generation of the BEC 300 aims to set new standards in all of these disciplines. With a number of well-devised...

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BEC 300. THE ADDED-VALUE MACHINE IN THE COMPACT RANGE. The global pharmaceutical markets are progressively demanding packaging sizes tailored to regional and target-group needs. Developed on the basis of intensive dialog with our customers, the new generation of the Blister line BEC 300 combines maximum performance with utmost versatility and reliability. Not only for standard formats, but also for large, rigid aluminum blisters, and unusually shaped solid dose products. The all arounder. • Intuitive operation and straightforward, • All types of forming material, product guided format...

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What is more, SmartXchange has added packaging process. benefits. Its capacity to safely and reliably Uhlmann has fundamentally simplified transfer all process parameters from one line the initial startup of formats and the to another allows much more flexible transfer of process parameters to other production process management: lines with SmartXchange. This shortens startup times, minimizes start-up waste, and reduces necessary validation measures. As a result, lines with new format parts can be put into operation within the shortest possible time. PLUG & PACK. even more flexibly to...

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Additional Feeders Vibratory feeder This feeder comprises just a few format parts and is particularly suited to the fast and cost-effective feeding of tablets and Perfectly aligned to the product. From the clean and requires no tools for a format SimTap feeder (photo lef t), two optional changeover. The vibratory feeder can be feeding systems are available for seamless used both with PVC and aluminum integration into the BEC 300: the vibratory CONFIGURABLE AS REQUIRED – AND ALWAYS IDEALLY SYNCHRONIZED. capsules of simple geometry. It is easy to very first process step. In addition to the...

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TOUCH & TEACH. LINE COMMAND WITH SMARTCONTROL. Uhlmann radically simplified the operation of packaging lines with the introduction of SmartControl. The convenient and functional SmartControl user interface leads the operator through processes using production assistants. These guarantee step-by-step execution of standardized procedures: for example, fast and optimum implementation of a product changeover. Two SmartControl panels on the BEC 300 allow the operation of all stations from different positions. This reduces walking distances and lends the entire process greater transparency. Smart...

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MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY IN EVERY DIMENSION. HIGHER, LONGER, DEEPER – FOR GREATER APPLICATION VERSATILITY. 100 mm Designed for maximum efficiency in the packaging of small and medium-sized batches, the BEC 300 has an output of up to 300 blisters and 150 cartons per minute – in non-stop 24/7 operation. It scores with top performance even in the case of large, rigid aluminum blisters and unusually shaped solid dose products and formats. The blister pockets can be up to 40 mm in length and cartons up to 100 mm in height. In other words, the BEC 300 has the smallest of footprints yet offers greatest...

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DETAILS THAT GIVE YOU A LEADING EDGE. THERE IS MORE TO THE LINE THAN MEETS THE EYE. mechanically demanding, materials at a maximum speed blisters, even aluminum ones, cycle speed of 90 1/min. All the feeding systems allow optimum capacity utilization with maximum filling efficiency. Fast format changeover. Tool-free format changeover with few, lightweight, and low-priced format parts. Easily completed by the operator in 30 minutes. Everything revolves around quality. A sealing roller with line knurling and a pivotable bearing to compensate thickness dif ferences in the forming material. A...

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Best-in-class for pharmaceutical packaging. Uhlmann addresses this challenge day in, day out, all over the world. In every area, and from every viewpoint. After all, as far as maximum productivity is concerned, you cannot be too discerning. As a market leader in pharmaceutical packaging, Uhlmann does its utmost to meet the market demands of maximum efficiency in the packaging process – along the entire value-added chain and over the full life cycle. That is why Uhlmann offers machines and lines that have set standards in the sector for generations. However, our pledge, 360° PHARMA...

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WE SHOW UP WHEN NEEDED. AROUND THE CLOCK, AROUND THE WORLD: DISCOVER UHLMANN CUSTOMER SERVICES. Spare parts – quickly available. manufacturer quality. delivery. You receive all original spare Every detail plays a key role in high and standard parts from Uhlmann within precision. The experts at our centers of with our upgrades. Uhlmann specialists the shortest possible time. If required, excellence for tools and format parts in scrutinize your packaging machines and we also complete professional installation. modernize them in compliance with latest Implementation of our spare parts their...

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