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The continuous motion cartoners Individual concepts for every packaging need

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Continuous motion cartoners for every requirement A cartoner must process different types of blisters and carton qualities with utmost reliability. Must be perfectly attuned to the output of upstream machines, and fit seamlessly into a productive, integrated line. As is the case with the continuous motion cartoners from Uhlmann.

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The Uhlmann portfolio of continuous motion cartoners fitted with inspection and coding systems as well as comprises four models: Cartoners C 2156, C 2206, an end-to-end Track & Trace system solution – for maximum pharmaceutical reliability. individual machine complies with Uhlmann’s guiding pharmaceutical packaging principals and thus Fast format changeovers are another plus factor of the guarantees top quality packaging: GMP-compliant continuous motion cartoners. All format data is stored; design, strict separation of functional parts and drive with models C 2305 and C 2504 practically all...

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The continuous cartoners at a glance Cartoners C 2156 and C 2206 Flexible for small and medium-sized batches in their packaging diversity. In terms of blisters, they multi-functional. These 6"-pitch cartoners are are ideal for the packaging of large-sized formats. ideal for the highly flexible packaging of small and However, horizontal product transport means that medium-sized batches. Cartoner C 2156 packages they can also package bottles, vials and bags as well as supplementary utensils and inserts. 200 cartons/minute. Both are also extremely variable Cartoner C 2156 - here a configuration...

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Cartoners C 2305 and C 2504 Ideal for high-speed packaging Cartoners C 2305 and C 2504 are the ideal machines minute. Operating with a 4"-pitch, C 2504 processes for the high-speed and bulk packaging processes of a maximum of 500 cartons/minute – which qualifies international and local pharmaceutical companies, it as the world’s fastest cartoner. These two cartoner generics manufacturers and major contract packagers. models are also extremely versatile when it comes to Cartoner C 2305 has a maximum output of 300 cartons/ filling cartons – and incredibly fast. Cartoners C 2504 – in this case...

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The continuous motion cartoners - 6

Perfected technology Every single cartoner meets the demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers for uncompromising reliability, a wide range of variability and future viability. Blister transfer Carton magazine A vacuum conveyor ensures consistently gentle The maintenance-free carton magazine holds transfer of the blisters from the blister machine to the approximately 1,600 cartons. In each of the continuous cartoner. The configuration of the blister machine and motion cartoner models, it can be raised in height to cartoner is of no consequence – suitable solutions ease access for filling and...

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Product transport Patented TriStar carton feeder Carton feeder avoided. Four continuous motion floating guide fingers – two at either outer end – hold each carton perfectly The patented feeding systems TwinStar and TriStar straight. The upper cover rail forms the guide and permit the handling of practically every quality of carton keeps the cartons at right angles. Two carton chains material. They also save time, minimize adjustments run in ducts enclosed on either side by V2A stainless and eliminate unnecessary start-up waste when steel panels to prevent dust accumulation. formats are...

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The continuous motion cartoners - 8

Diverse feeding systems Whether solid or liquid dose blisters, bottles, different types of information material or utensils such as pipettes or measuring spoons – it makes no difference what needs to be packaged in cartons because Uhlmann has a selection of feeding systems suitable for universal and reliable packaging. Leaflet folder All common types of sheet- or roll-fed leaflet folders can be integrated into the continuous motion cartoners. Cartoners C 2305 and C 2504 include a special feature that allows the leaflet folder to be pulled forward for optimum accessibility for servicing and...

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Product loading Seamless traceability: Track & Trace Track & Trace by Uhlmann can be integrated into a process itself. The codes prevent any mix up of un- machine from the start or implemented as an upgrade printed blisters and bottles, allow the subsequent at a later stage. The system solution allows the seam- checking of production data, and ease the coordination less traceability of pharmaceutical products. Every of possible product recalls. packaging unit – even each blister card – can be marked with a unique, serialized code. The code refers to a data record in the Uhlmann tracking...

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Carton closure Uhlmann Customer Service The oscillating motion of the closing station ensures reliable closure of the cartons. The guide bars on models C 2156 and C 2206 are adjusted using a Uhlmann machines stand for cutting-edge technology. digital display; on Cartoner C 2305 and C 2504 this However, if the worst comes to the worst, prompt and function is automatic. Closure is carried out in several reliable assistance is on hand. The 24h Service hotline stages and is fully servo-driven on the continuous is available 365 days a year. 90 percent of all callers can motion Cartoners C 2305...

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The range of accessories The continuous motion cartoners offer the same consistent precision when packaging blisters containing tablets or liquid products, bottles straight into cartons, or vials, bags, sachets and other types of products. This diversity is reflected in an extensive range of accessories and feeding systems. Depending on customer requirements, the machines are equipped with appropriate components for product infeed and the feeding of inserts (e.g. pipettes, measuring spoons, information material, etc.). Accumulating tables Integrated laser or inkjet marking systems to...

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The all-rounders also package bottles The continuous motion cartoners not only package blisters but also bottles straight into cartons. As well as additional pharmaceutical utensils and inserts such as measuring spoons, pipettes and different types of information material. Always with consistent precision. Cartoner C 2206 is ideal for the packaging of small Bottle transport to medium-sized batches – up to 200 bottles per minute are loaded into cartons. Bottles 30 to 70 mm in A feed conveyor is responsible for the gentle transfer diameter and 60 to 195 mm in height are processed. of the...

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