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Overwrapper E 3060 Fully automatic machine for the all-round sealing of single of multiple bundles in hot-sealable film. The Overwrapper E 3060 in uncompromising pharmaceutical design takes over cartons, places them together or stacks them in bundles and tightly wraps them in film with excess material at either end. The overlapping film at the ends of the bundle is then tightly folded and sealed. All-round sealing offers additional security against counterfeiting because subsequent interference with the product is immediately recognized. Optional integration of a tear-open thread allows clean and easy unpacking of the cartons. Fully wrapped, the bundles are better protected against moisture and splashing. The maximum infeed capacity of the machine is 500 cartons per minute, resulting in a maximum output of 60 bundles. Optimum guidance and exact dispensing of the film as well as perfect sealing ensure precision and top quality. Operation of the machines is straightforward using the central operating system with 3-D visualization. An Uhlmann packaging line comprising a blister machine, cartoner and end-of-line packaging machine uses the same operating technology throughout. GMP-compliant and suitable for process integration

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Overwrapper E 3060 at a glance Space required Machine width Machine height Machine length approx. 4,300 mm (with standard feeding system) Film reel diameter

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Components and features of the Overwrapper E 3060 Additional advantages of the Overwrapper E 3060 • Film reels up to 400 mm in diameter • Film tear control • Servo-driven precision guidance and exact dispensing of the film • Perfect sealing mechanism ensures no damage to products • Heated sealing of the folded film ends with electronic temperature control • Integration of strict safety and warning functions, e. g. jam control and overload monitoring • Acrylic glass guards for permanent visual control • ast changeover thanks to few format parts quickly plugged F into place without the need...

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