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Intermittent motion cartoners Tailored solutions cycle after cycle

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Cartoners for a large number of product shapes and types Our intermittent motion cartoners combine all features that are essential to a productive cartoning process: flexibility, speed and precision. GMP-compliant design. Easy operation. Tailored accessories. All at an attractive price.

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Classed among the intermittent motion cartoners are stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and user-friendly the C 2155 and the C 130. They stand for economic ergonomics. Moreover, the central TouchControl efficiency and top performance. The GMP conformity operating system and extras such as the appropriate of these cartoners can be recognized at a glance. feeding system or inline inspection and monitoring Attributes include pharmaceutically compliant design systems ensure that our intermittent motion cartoners for stringent pharmaceutical sanitation, the use of offer you the best basis for...

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Cartoner C 2155 In terms of products, this cartoner demonstrates flexibility. It is an all-round machine that packages both solid and liquid dose products. The focus is always on productivity. Servomotors drive the assemblies of the Cartoner C 2155 and it maintains a high standard of process reliability even under varying production conditions. Format changeovers are straightforward as the cartoner only has a small number of plug-in format parts. The GMP-compliant cantilever design and the self-checking system round off the profile and help minimize downtimes between different batches.

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Intermittent motion cartoners - 5

Customized feeding and product transport Rotary carton feeder Depending on the type of product to be packaged, Formerly, to ensure reliable processability, cartoning transportation is horizontal or inclined. All the required relatively stiff, prefolded carton material, necessary items are automatically fed in turn: from cleanly sized, accurately creased, and exactly cut and blisters and booklets to spoons, pipettes and bottles. punched. The Cartoner C 2155, however, can even Various product feeding systems are geared to the process carton blanks from old stocks that are poorly respective...

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Intermittent motion cartoners - 6

Gentle carton transport Patented product loading Four floating fingers carefully transport the cartons Free programing, a servo-regulated product loader through the C 2155 – 100-percent precision from and leaflet pre-insertion, and two easily exchangeable supply of the cartons through to closure. format parts: these are the main features of the self-contained product loading system that operates with utmost process reliability. Bottle packaging

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Flexible carton closure The “good product” philosophy Airplane or reversed tuck-in flaps? Standard hot-melt What happens when the product inspection system closure or preferably tuck-in and hot-melt in one? No establishes that a stack of blisters deviates from problem for the C 2155. The interchangeable closing the set number for each pack? The communication station makes it easy to switch from tuck-in to system immediately interrupts leaflet and carton hot-melt closure. feeding and the product loader removes the incorrect stack from the process. As a result, only “good products” move on...

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Intermittent motion cartoners - 8

Integral product management In conjunction with the appropriate blister machine, the The Cartoner C 2155 packages bottles, vials, wallets Cartoner C 2155 is a key element in your production and sachets just as reliably as blisters. In addition, process. Various alternative machine configurations it competently handles ampoule and syringe blisters, allow infeed capacities of up to 450 blisters per inhalers, bags as well as blisters containing medical magazine. A link-up magazine, a redundant magazine, plug-and-play systems, and easy format changeovers Furthermore, different components are...

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Cartoner C 2155 at a glance. Technical data: Output [1/min] Bottle packaging function Carton size The bottles move from an accumulating conveyor Width [A] 90 degrees, transferred into a format prism, and arrested. A sensor inspects the bottles at this stage. Blister stack height into a feed screw, at the end of which they are turned At the same time, a rotary vacuum cup feeder takes the cartons blanks from the magazine and feeds them to the erector bars for opening. After product loading, carton closure is carried out at a maximum output of 120 cartons/minute using either the tuck-in or...

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Intermittent motion cartoners - 10

Cartoner C 130 Small but impressive. The C 130 is a compact cartoner at an affordable price that has long proved its worth in hundreds of applications. It boasts a high standard of process reliability as well as a long service life. It is optimally equipped for all packaging tasks. Experience gained over two decades is invested in this Furthermore, Uhlmann’s state-of-the-art TouchControl cartoner. And this insight pays off: the global cartoner operating system is a standard fitting. Exclusiveness operates all over the world with consistent perfection. even in the smallest machine category.

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Cartoner C 130 for blisters Uhlmann Customer Service The C 130 is made for the packaging of blisters. The inclined product chain runs continuously instead of intermittently. Advantage of the inclined chain Uhlmann’s TopmanTraining program offers individual conveyor: the low position of the infeed ideally instruction for employees involved in the pharmaceutical compensates the difference in height to the blister packaging process. Training courses are tailored to machine. Advantage of the continuous mode of the machine types and configurations as well as the operation: the high output of up...

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Cartoner C 130 Cartoner C 130 at a glance. Technical data: Output [1/min] Operating mode Carton size Machine width Machine height Machine length Machine weight Blister stack height Height pack discharge

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Tailored solutions available for every application. C 2155 Accumulating tables to separate and buffer products between upstream and downstream machines. Bottle feeding systems for round, angular or oval shaped bottles. Feeders for inserts such as spoons, pipettes, bags and other pharmaceutical utensils. Leaflet folder and feeder with buffer to ease replenishment of leaflets. Rotary feeding system for the reliable processing of folded leaflets and booklets. Integrated laser or inkjet marking systems for inline marking of packages with variable data. Embossing equipment for visual marking of...

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