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Labeler L 250 Highly efficient, precision bottle labeling machine. Uhlmann’s Labeler L 250 is a GMP-compliant, continuous motion system with a maximum output of 250 bottles per minute. Key features are the wide format area and easy format changeovers. Cylindrical plastic or glass containers between 25 and 125 mm in diameter are labeled with outstanding efficiency. A rotary star carefully guides the products. Partial or full wraparound labels are applied from a wrapping belt. The system ensures that the labels are placed straight by eliminating spiral misalignment – even at high speed. A format changeover simply requires replacement of the rotary star. A tool-free changeover is carried out within one minute. For longer, uninterrupted production runs, the machine can be equipped with a second unwinder. The machine is fully enclosed by safety glass panels to ensure maximum operator safety. Only the unwinder and rewinder assemblies are mounted on the outside of the guard panels to enable a quick reel change. Operation of the L 250 is straightforward using the easy-to-navigate, touchscreen control system common to all Uhlmann machines. All format settings can be stored and reproduced. Designed for continuous top performance

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Labeler L 250 at a glance Output [1/min] Speed dispensing head Backing paper reel width Bottle plastic, glass Space required Processable shapes Basic machine width Basic machine height Basic machine length Processable materials

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Components and features of the Labeler L 250 Additional advantages of the Labeler L 250 • Highly efficient, continuous motion labeling of cylindrical containers • Straightforward, tool-free format changeover • Precise labeling due to rotary star and wrapping belt • Central, touchscreen operation with 3D visualization. The operating panel can be linked to an integrated line SCADA system. This allows the management of information such as format and user data, audit trails, and Track & Trace functions • Reproducible format settings • Good accessibility for operating, cleaning and maintenance •...

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