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Palletizer P 5010 The powerful and cost-effective solution for maximum accuracy and different pallet loading arrangements. The Palletizer P 5010 is a machine that loads packaged products onto Packed cases or bundles are loaded onto pallets at twenty movements pallets. The GMP-compliant concept is geared to maximum or ten cycles per minute. Depending on the pallet loading arrangement compatibility, flexible adaptation to customer requirements as well as as well as the size, weight and form of the items, two or more items optimum performance and comfort. The P 5010 picks up packed cases, can be lifted at the same time. The full pallet is removed manually and open trays, display packs, shrink-wrapped bottle bundles or other forms replaced. An alternative for particularly fast processes is the automatic of products and accurately stacks them on pallets: quickly or slowly supply and positioning of empty pallets from a magazine system with and from any desired direction. A multifunction system with an capacity for ten pallets, including storage and conveyor facilities. A appropriate adapter head guarantees this flexibility. For continuous further option is the twin palletizer with space for two pallets. These packaging processes, an optional weighing unit can be installed at are automatically loaded one after the other. Operation of the machine the front of the machine. The palletizer is suitable for all standard pallet is straightforward using the central operating system with 3-D systems commonly used throughout the world as well as all possible visualization. An Uhlmann packaging line comprising a blister machine, intermediate dimensions. The products can be fed from all four sides. cartoner and end-of-line packaging machine uses the same operating technology throughout. Diverse applications at the end of the line

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Space required Case weight Machine width 20 movements 10 palletizing cycles Machine height Pallet height Machine length approx. 3,000 mm (with standard feeding system) Pallet size

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Components and features of the Palletizer P 5010 Additional advantages of the Palletizer P 5010 • Dismountable frame with adaptable protective acrylic glass panels for optimum visual control • Feeding of items from all four sides possible • Adjustable pallet positioning • Linear robotic arm with four programmable servo axes for linear and rotary motion • Secured door system ensures operator safety • Options: labeling unit, loading area for two pallets, magazine for empty pallets, different feeding alternatives, use of load cells for weighing, insertion of an intermediate layer of paper as...

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