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It’s Safe, It’s Reliable, It’s the Future Uhlmann Track & Tr

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UHLMANN TRACK & TRACE 100 % SECURE FOR 100 % SAFETY As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you are faced with the two-fold challenge of ensuring that your business complies with current governmental Track & Trace regulations while also seeking to improve your business model for the future. To meet all these conditions, comprehensive solutions for the tracking of pharmaceutical products, medcal devices and i their packaging are needed. Uhlmann Track & Trace ensures a reliable supply chain from start to finish to prevent the circulation of falsified products that could ultimately pose a serious...

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UHLMANN TRACK & TRACE SOFTWARE SOLUTION AND A TRULY OPEN PLATFORM CENTRAL ELEMENT: THE SOFTWARE SOLUTION PEXCITE. WE CONNECT. YOU CONTROL. Uhlmann Track & Trace is part of our comprehensive digital portfolio named Pexcite. In-house developed software solutions based on modular, flexible system architecture form the central element of every Track & Trace application. These allow the collection, aggregation, management, and transfer of serialization data from the machine to line management, and to site management levels. All solutions permit an analysis of the data and ensure the required...

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UHLMANN TRACK & TRACE SERIALIZATION AND AGGREGATION SERIALIZATION The basis of every Track & Trace application is the serialization process where each unit of sale is assigned with a unique 2D code. We offer different solutions for printing and verification of cartons or bottles as well as solutions for serialization of blisters. The latest serialization generation: Uhlmann Serialization Platform S 500 Serialization can be done on cartoners or with the modular Uhlmann Serialization Platform S 500. Both integrated in a packaging line and standalone. These options apply not only to new or...

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UHLMANN TRACK & TRACE SERIALIZATION PLATFORM S 500 FOR CARTONS Conveyor speed Resolution TIJ printing system Tamper evident label size Tamper evident label folding length Available functionalities Print & Verify front side Tamper evident labeling Top printing / Top labeling * Optional upgrade ** Depending on packaging material quality and carton geometry Bottle diameter Bottle height Processable bottle materials HDPE white, glass Conveyor speed Resolution TTO label printing system Resolution CIJ printing system Label height Label wrap-around Available functionalities 360° inspection bottle...

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More on Pexcite: Uhlmann is a member of the OPEN-SCS Working Group Uhlmann is a GS1 solution partner To find our locations worldwide Uhlmann Pac-Systeme please visit GmbH & Co. KG Uhlmannstrasse 14 – 18 88471 Laupheim Germany Phone +49 7392 702-0 We reserve the right to make alterations in line with technical development. | Copyright © 2021 Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, all rights reserved More on Track & Trace:

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