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High throughput tagging is now available with UID. The Multi PIT Tag Injector by UID Identification Solutions allows the researcher to rapidly tag ten animals without reloading the injector. Simply load a prefilled cartridge with 10 2.1mm x 12mm PIT Tags into the injector and with the simple pull of the handle, inject a tag into the animals and then repeat the procedure for 9 more animals without reloading the injector. When the 10th tag is injected, the cartridge is expelled and you can insert another cartridge for the next 10 animals. Save time and increase efficiency in your tagging program by using the Multi PIT Tag Injector. Each Cartridge can be reused and refilled by the researcher or by UID. No more loading one syringe at a time. Simply remove the backer from the preloaded cartridge and insert in into the Multi PIT Tag Injector and you can inject 10 animals quickly. Fast efficient PIT tagging of salmon, birds, sturgeon, musky, frogs or any other animals. UMTI-2112CAR Pre-Loaded PIT Tag Cartridge (10 Cartridges - 100 PIT Tags Total) $375 UMTI-CAR Empty PIT Tag Cartridge (10 Cartridges) $20 UMTI-Needle PIT Tag Injector Needle (10pcs) $20 UNIFIED INFORMATION DEVICES 224.444.8484 | INFO@uIDEvices.cOM | uIDEvices.cOM

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