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CT Contrast Media Injector

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Advantages at a glance Quick and easy ■ Set up just once daily ■ Rapid patient changeover ■ Intuitive user interface Cost-effective and efficient ■ Low cost for disposables ■ Optimized contrast media management ■ Efficient workflows Hygienic and safe ■ Closed system ■ Direct injection from original media containers ■ Automatic air monitoring on the patient side Focused on hygiene & safety ■ Pump tubing verified for 24-hour use1 ■ Direct injection from the original media containers ■ Reliable protection against retrograde contamination2 ■ Protection against air injection by means of air...

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CT motion - 3

Innovation made in Germany Integrated heat retainer for optimized patient comfort The CT motion is available as a mobile pedestal version, with a 3D ceiling mount or with a wall mount. Display unit for simple, safe and quick operation Pressure sensors Pump tubing for 24-hour use for any number of injections. With air filter, particle filter and integrated check valve. Patient tubing with patient-side Luer lock connector and two check valves.

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CT motion - 4

Simple use ■ Set up just once daily ■ 24-hour use of the pump tubing ■ Rapid patient changeover ■ Intuitive user interface ■ Optimized contrast media management by means of two contrast media connection points ■ Cable-free operation Setup made easy ■ Insert pump tubing ■ Connect patient tubing ■ Attach media containers ■ Done! Change of patient tubing in a few seconds ■ Remove patient tubing ■ Connect new patient tubing ■ Done!

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CT motion - 5

Tandem Seamless Selection of a second contrast Two-way switchover when there medium are two identical contrast media

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CT motion - 6

Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight Power supply Voltage supply (battery charging) Media transport Flow rate (with contrast media) Maximum injection volume Reservoir volume Maximum system pressure Air monitoring Pressure monitoring User interfaces Data import and export Data transfer from injector to terminal Number of boli (phases) per injection program Number of injection programs that can be saved Pressure curve Software functions (standard) Software options Injector accessories Disposables Pedestal version: 645 mm x 645 mm x 1,445 mm Pedestal version: 79 kg, ceiling version: 30 kg plus...

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