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ulrich medical® Contrast Media Injectors for CT and MRI Safe, fast and economical injections

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Safe, economic & user-friendly For more than 30 years ulrich medical® contrast media injectors are reliable partners for radiological clinics and practices. They ensure optimal contrast media injection for computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Safe and reliable for patient and user ■ Hygienic safety proven by an independent and certified test laboratory ■ Integrated pressure control system ■ Sensors to prevent air injection ■ Tubing system with check valves and particle filter Economical performance and consumption ■ Several injections from one media container ■ Pump tubing for...

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Ready for use for 24 h ■ Pump tubing approved for 24-hours use ■ Direct injection from the original media containers ■ Closed system NaCI flush ■ Automatic filling of the patient tubing with NaCI after each injection ■ No waste of contrast media when changing the patient tubing

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Media containers ■ 3 accesses: 2 x contrast media and 1 x NaCI (for commercially available media containers) ■ Multiple injections from one media container without repeated piercing Tandem function*: ■ Selection of a second contrast medium Seamless function: ■ Two-way switchover when there are two identical contrast medias ■ Input of injection parameters ■ Monitoring and controlling of the injection ■ Particular software for CT or MRI examinations ■ Multitude of user-friendly functions

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Two-part tubing system Pump tubing Use up to 24 hours for any number of injections Patient tubing Use for one patient Hygienic safety ulrich medical® injectors have a reputation for outstanding safety – particularly in the area of hygiene. Our hygiene approach will bolster your efforts to ensure safe injections.

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CT MRI Seamless Tandem Battery Mains operation mississippi™ MRI/CT injector The flexible one ■ For MRI and CT examinations ■ Battery operated ■ For MRI surroundings up to 3 Tesla missouri™ CT injector The classic one ■ For CT examinations ■ Suitable as well for highly viscous contrast medias ohio tandem™ CT injector ■ Tandem function for choice between different contrast medias without previous change of media containers ■ Optimal contrast media for each patient and examination ohio M™ MRI/CT injector tions ■ Tandem function for choice between different contrast...

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