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RadBlock - Radiation Protection Shield

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SCATTER RADIATION EXPOSURE WITHOUT RADBLOCK RADIATION PROTECTION SHIELD RadBlock is intended to protect the doctors, nurses and technicians from scatter radiation during fluoro-guided procedures. RadBlock provides attenuation between 75% to 96% depending on differentiating factors such as complexity of procedure, total fluoro time, size of patient and operator proximity to the primary beam/ image intensifier. IR - DIALYSIS ACCESS/ DECLOTTING With RadBlock EP IR BIVENTRICULAR “J” TUBE PACING REPLACEMENT PROTECTION ZONE WITH RADBLOCK Without RadBlock EFFECTS OF SCATTER RADIATION Scatter...

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RADBLOCK PROTECTION ZONE PRODUCT FEATURES RadBlock creates a Protection Zone for the surgeon while he performs a surgical procedure in an X-ray assisted environment. RadBlock is suggested to be used in surgical procedures such as Angiography, EP, Dialysis, Biopsy and many other such X-ray assisted procedures. LEAD FREE Due to the severity of the effects of X-ray radiation which a surgeon is exposed to during X-ray assisted surgeries, stringent compliance standards have been introduced to ensure the safety of the surgeons/physicians. UniRay’s RadBlock, a Class I Sterile product is...

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RADBLOCK - ANGIOGRAPHY FEMORAL The Femoral Entry Angiography Shield provides protection during procedures which requires access through the patient’s femoral artery. With a small fenestration and slit to the edge of the shield, it increases mobility around the sheath. RADBLOCK - ANGIOGRAPHY RADIAL The Radial Entry Angiography Shield provides protection during procedures which requires access through the radial or brachial arteries. During this procedure the maximum scatter radiation emitting area is the patient’s chest. There is slight exposure through the arm as the doctor only works in...

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The EP Left Subclavian Shield provides protection during Bi-V pacing and other device implant procedures. The half-moon fenestration is large enough to allow easy access at the entry point, but small enough to block dangerous scatter radiation. RADBLOCK - DIALYSIS The Dialysis Shield provides complete protection to the interventionalists and their teams during DADD procedures. SHIELD SIZE SHIELD SIZE *Customised sizes available *Customised sizes available FENESTRATION SIZE FENESTRATION SIZE EP Study, Catheter Ablation, Device Implant Standard 13”x 16” Dialysis Access Procedures Standard...

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RADBLOCK - BIOPSY The Biopsy Shield provides scatter radiation protection during all types of biopsy procedures. This shield can be effectively used at any location on the body. RADBLOCK - MULTIPURPOSE The Multipurpose Shield provides protection to staff members working on the other side of the Patient's table or by the Patient's head during many types of interventional procedures. PROCEDURES Needle biopsy, puncture procedure SHIELD SIZE Standard 13"x 16" *Customised sizes available FENESTRATION SIZE Standard 3.5"x 2" PROCEDURES Used in IR, Cath and EP labs as an alternate or auxiliary...

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dnitfay THE UNIRAY RANGE Do connect with us and get more information about our other image enhancement and radiation protection products UNIRAY MEDICAL LLP Mumbai, India E: sales@uniraymedical.com W: www.uniraymedical.com

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