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Truly Universal Web Based Integrated RIS/PACS/VIEWER ELEVATE YOUR RADIOLOGY PRACTICE WITH OUR COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION Discover the future of healthcare technology. Choose between on-premises or cloud deployment options to meet your unique needs. Benefit from seamless integration with Health Information Systems (HIS) through HL7 compatibility, ensuring efficient workflow and patient care. Trust in our third party integrated FDA-approved web-based image viewer for secure and compliant medical image access. Plus, experience a swift deployment process, getting you up and running within days. ON PREMISES OR ON CLOUD Whether you prefer the reliability of on-premises deployment or the flexibility of the cloud, our solution adapts to your needs. HL7 COMPATIBILITY FOR SEAMLESS HIS INTEGRATION Our system seamlessly integrates with your Health Information System (HIS) through HL7 compatibility. Enjoy effortless data exchange and communication between systems, treamlining your healthcare workflow and ensuring efficient patient care. DATA MIGRATION AND HARDWARE ARCHITECTURE SERVICES Unlock the potential of your data infrastructure with our specialized services. Whether you're transitioning to a new platform or optimizing your hardware architecture, we have you covered. FDA APPROVED WEBBASED IMAGE VIEWER Trust in our FDA-approved web-based image viewer for secure and compliant medical image access. We prioritize patient safety and regulatory compliance, making our viewer a reliable choice for healthcare professionals and institutions. DEPLOYMENT IN COUPLE OF DAYS Get up and running in no time! With our rapid deployment, you can start benefiting from our solution within a couple of days. We understand the urgency of your healthcare needs and offer a quick and hassle-free setup process to support you. ONE DEPLOYMENT IN ONE MODULE WITH ALL FUNCTIONALITIES Experience the simplicity of a single deployment in one module, encompassing all the functionalities you need

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^ www.uris.health B sales@uris.health Qi request demo AT GLANCE FUNCTIONALITIES Our Universal Radiology Information System has a comprehensive array of essential functionalities, ensuring that it meets all the requirements and possibilities needed for the field of Radiology. From streamlined patient orders management to seamless workflow optimization, our RIS has been meticulously designed to empower radiologists and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care and diagnostics. REPORTING > Comprehensive Reporting Module, where patient data, attached...

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