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Death after a heart attack is just the way it is. We say It Shouldn’t Be Like That!

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Rapid ECG diagnosis is absolutely critical Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a No.1 cause of death globally: more people die from CVD every year than from any other cause. Approximately 100 people will die from CVD in the world while you are reading this brochure. The number of people diagnosed with heart failure is projected to increase by 46% in 2030. 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable.1 The first 2 hours after the symptoms of myocardial infarction appear are the most important; it is the time when most of the living myocardial cells can still be salvaged. Unfortunately, the...

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UNET Telemetry Solutions in Cardiology - 3

The solution is UNET telemetry system UNET helps solve two important issues: to provide a highly qualified on-site cardiac diagnosis as part of emergency care wherever the patient needs it. to create an effective system for early diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease. UNET consists of two functional elements, a UCARD-100 portable electrocardiograph and a telemetry central station with automated document workflow and notifications. is a modern electrocardiograph with a built-in telemetry module. •Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition. •UCARD allows making voice calls and transmitting...

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Patient’s health and safety should be a No.1 priority UNET is a telemetry cardiac system based on a fully featured electrocardiograph. Only an electrocardiograph may ensure registration of diagnostic grade ECGs. This allows for a correct diagnosis and protects both the patient and the physician from the consequences of incorrect treatment. The compact ECG recorders often used in telemedicine are not electrocardiographs and cannot provide electrocardiograms of the required quality. Before pressing the Transmit button, the doctor will need to see the ECG tracing to make sure its quality is...

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