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UTAS Patient Monitoring Solutions Patient Safety is a Major Priority Solutions that support patients and assist clinicians

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IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY THROUGH ENHANCED PATIENT MONITORING Why patient safety is so important? Patient safety is now being recognized as a large and growing global public healthcare challenge. • The World Health Organization reports that medical errors are the third leading cause of death.1 • In a recent Philips-sponsored survey emphasize that incomplete patient data, inconsistent care, and alarm fatigue are the main threats to patient.2 Enhanced monitoring solutions can improve patient safety by providing complete patient data and continuous gap-free monitoring. • UTAS patient monitoring...

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UTAS Patient Monitoring Solutions - 3

DESIGNED FOR BOTH PATIENT AND CLINICIAN We offer universal monitoring solutions to emphasize your individuality To ensure patient safety, it is important to keep in mind that each patient and his case are unique. • Therefore, the patient monitoring parameters should be customized according to individual patient’s conditions. • UTAS patient monitors provide extremely flexible modular structure due to UniPort™ multipurpose connectors’ technology. Parameters for every clinical situation • With universal connectors UniPort™ easily attach a wide range of extension modules-in-cable. They will be...

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IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY THROUGH ENHANCED PATIENT MONITORING Continuous gap-free monitoring Seamless monitoring is a complete cycle of recording, transmission and data visualization: from the point of care to patient discharge. Patient data flow — integrate monitoring data and clinical networked information in one patient record by UniViewer technology. Convenient visualization — view all patient data in the most appropriate way: • • • • • UniScreen™ extended visualization Bed-to-Bed solution UNET™ Central station Remote view via UniViewer Print patients’ data on any network printer Remote...

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UNET™ Central Station UNET™ consolidates the monitoring information and provides a quick overview of the patient conditions. Continues monitoring, interconnection between patient monitors and data recording. • Integrates up to 64 monitors in wireless or wired connection • All parameters in real-time displaying • Continuous parameters recording: trends — up to 720 hours, mini-trends, automatic recording of all parameters when an alarm occurs. • Patients’ database • Saved data transfer to external medical information systems (HL7) • Visual and audio alarms Bed-to-Bed Get access to patient...

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Service and support • We are close to you. Address your question to UTAS and communicate directly with the specialist you need. • We maintain consultations in the language of professionals, considering real clinical experience. At your service are technical experts, consulting clinician, developers, sales & marketing team. • Good service is our priority. To find solutions for even the most difficult situations, we collaborate with leading clinical centers in more than 30 countries. Our global goal in UTAS is to guarantee, that every patient — is in safety and doctors — absolutely confident...

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