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UVENT From ICU Ventilator To Respiratory Critical Care Station Solutions that support patients and assist clinicians

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NEW STANDARTS IN RESPIRATORY SUPPORT UVENT is designed with a focus on patient safety, comfort, and reliability Patient safety has become a global priority in the last decade. To improve patient safety, ventilators must be able to integrate with all other bedside technologies. UVENT featuring a “ventilator-integrated” additional 22-inch display, patient monitor, wireless video laryngoscope and wireless ultrasound. UVENT is a respiratory care station with modern software and hardware architectures, which allow flexible integration into ICU workflows. UVENT care station has two high-contrast...

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Intubation Support Tool* Intubation Support Tool (IST) is a special instrument to assist clinicians during intubation procedures. IST includes preoxygenation via NIV ventilation; apneic high flow oxygenation during intubation process; continuous monitoring of SpO2 and CO2 by built-in pulse oximeter and capnograph; live visual control on HD screen of the tube positioning, with integrated video laryngoscope. IST can improve clinical outcomes, with clear confidence in patient safety, and elimination of possible complications. Ventilator-integrated portable ultrasound for lung monitoring* Lung...

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Remote UVENT UTAS innovative technology to provide efficient support and timely service. We pay special attention to remote in-service support of UVENT ventilators at customer side. REMOTE UVENT provides unlimited possibilities in carrying out remote diagnostics, repair, adjustment, and software update by our engineers remotely from any location simply through the Internet. REMOTE UVENT — professional service support at any time, and anywhere. Let’s Find The Solutions Together Address your question to UTAS and communicate directly with the necessary specialists. We maintain consultations in...

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