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The alarming consequences of hospital infections (HAIs): v —7 Manual cleaning and chemical disinfection leave less than 50% of hospital rooms adequately cleaned. —^ HAIs contribute to an additional 16 million days of hospital stays per year. —7 HAIs impact on around 3.2 million people in Europe anually. —^ HAIs are the cause of 37,000 deaths per year in the EU. —^ HAIs in the EU cost €5.5 to €7 billion per year, considering direct costs only. How much can your hospital save by preventing HAIs? Your hospital will have the return on investment into SteriPro robot with preventing 10 infections...

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Upgrade your manual cleaning processes with contactless disinfection disinfection cycle Benefits & Features Immediate integration into your disinfection processes 0 Automatic detection of correct disinfection time, depending on room size 0 Remotely operated via tablet and smart app

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