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V2U TRAC TDM (Traction Decompression Mobilisation)


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V2U TRAC TDM (Traction Decompression Mobilisation) - 1

• Easy to use • Active displays show all treatment parameters and progress. • Multiple sensors and safety controls • High strength traction rope • Smooth, auto-slowing pull, quiet operation • Fits almost any existing table platform • Clinician can save up to ten treatment setups • Adjustable Hold/Rest times • Continuous and Intermittent traction with multiple speed selection * Manual control mode • Step Progression and regression V2U TRAC TDM(Traction Decompression Mobilisation) Introducing the Traction Decompression System with Manual Distraction, Step Progression-Regression and Auto Slowing Feature. It may be used to relieve pain associated with Protruding disc,Bulging disc, Herniated discs, Degenerative disc disease, Posterior facet syndrome, Acute facet problems, Radicular pain, Prolapsed discs, Spinal root impingement, Hypomobility, Degenerative joint disease, Facet syndrome, Compression fractures, Joint pain, Discogenic pain. PACKAGE INCLUDES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz Fuse 1.0 A/ 250 V* 2 Slow Blow Maximum Output Force 198 lb / 90 Kg Output Force Tolerances 4 - 44 lb ± 2 lb 45 - 110 lb ± 3lb 111 - 198 lb ± 4 l0b Traction Speed Fast —5-6 Seconds to reach 90 kg (<10 seconds) Normal —12-15 Seconds to reach 90 kg (<20 seconds) Slow —22-25 Seconds to reach 90 kg (<30 seconds) Hold / Rest Period 1 - 99 Seconds Treatment Time 1 - 99 minutes Treatment Mode Continuous / Intermittent Security System Error Codes E-1 - E-E Display Yellow / Green Digital LED Display Patient Safety Switch 2 Pin connector, newly redesigned Medical Device Classification Class IIa as per MDD 93/42/EEC Operation Temperature/Humidity 0~40'C / 10-90%RH Storage/Transportation -10~60'C / 10-90%RH Atmospheric pressure from 700 hPa to 1060 hPa Operation Altitude less than 3,000 meters Item code Description WPC - 7561 New style patient safety switch OCP 0160X Traction rope with hook OPW 0060 X Power cord 1701 - 001 Lumbar and thoracic belt set (image on the next page) 1701 - 002 Cervical halter (image on the next page) 1701 - 003 Spreader bar (image on the next page)

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V2U TRAC TDM (Traction Decompression Mobilisation) - 2

Eva traction table is state-of- the-art traction table -suitable to bundle with most Traction Units. It provides friction free table top with four sections and offer fine adjustments to provide client the most comfortable positioning. • 50 mm Retractable Castors • Linak Motor for Hi- Lo . Voltage: 100-120 Volts AC or 200-240 Volts AC • Frequency: 50/60 Hz Total Dimentions: Height: Width: Length: Cushion thickness : Angle of Head Section: Angle of Back Section: Maximum Traction 23cm (between bacrest and second section) Adjustable angle machine mount • Longer Seat Length: 39cm • Shorter Seat...

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