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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 1

Operating instructions Front loader 80 L vacompact GmbH - Herzogstr. 23 - 80803 München Service and troubleshooting email hotline:

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 2

Contents 1. Safety regulations 2. Functions 3. Operation 4. Operating Display 5. Error indicator display 6. Technical data 7. Cleaning and care 8. Service, maintenance and inspection 9. Service information 10. Annual service 11. Care 12. Front side detailed view 13. Rear side detailed view vacompact GmbH - Herzogstr. 23 - 80803 München Service and troubleshooting email hotline:

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 3

1. Safety regulations Before use please read the instructions to avoid incorrect use! Ensure that no animals or other organisms are in the waste bin (danger of death!). Ensure that the insert is only held by the handle and Fingers or hands are not within the insert (crushing risk!) No water must come into contact with the machine electrics. Do not clean with a high pressure water hose, only use damp wipes. 2. Functions The vacuum and irradiation of the waste with the UV-C lamp renders bacteria and viruses harmless. The subsequent hot sealing of the waste bag and flooding of the inner space...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 4

Close the insert with a light contact pressure and press the start key on the monitor screen. Lightly press against the insert until the vacuum draws the insert in. The vacuum generation process takes place. The unit opens the insert automatically after the vacuum has been created. Mechanical opening of the insert is not possible. During vacuum generation the insert has a closing force of approximately 300 kg. The sealed bag can be removed and the next process started. Start - stop – button. Pressing the stop button automatically ventilates the inner space. The vacuum process can be...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 5

4.2. Service view (only for maintenance staff) Button-User Enter the number 2 and confirm by pressing Enter. Button-PW ( Password ) Then enter the number 2902 and confirm by pressing Enter. On the display appears the view with: Language? ,Time set up, Log out, Service, zurück /back. Button- Log out Press if you wish to exit service view Button- zurück /back Press If you want to go back one step. Button-Service You can see all the components here. After pressing the Start button, all components are checked one after another in the system sequence. If all lamps illuminate in green then all...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 6

The insert was not leak-tight hence the vacuum could not be built up. Rubbish bag was not inserted correctly. Remove dirt or residues from the rubber seal of the insert to ensure a correct sealing function. UV-C lamp defective (red indicator light) The UV-C lamp must be replaced. Please only use the specified same type of 10 watt UV-C lamp. (vacompact spare part) 6. Technical data Type Electrical supply data Machine serial number vacompact by Kasu, Made in Germany Once a week, the inner space must be wiped out with a mild cleaner and dried. The waste bin and the insertion plate of the bin...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 7

Every three months, clean the contacts of the sealing beam (bushings and bolts) and spray using contact spray. After undoing the clamping screws at the bushings pull off the sealing bar from the guide bolts in a forward direction and then after cleaning and spraying with silicone spray replace and then secure again using the clamping screws. To change the UV-C lamp, the sealing bar is removed as described above. The UV-C lamp is located directly beneath the sealing beam. The UV-C lamp is clicked out of the sprung clamps, the plug pulled off, then the new lamp plugged into the plug and then...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 8

Care points The following components: Guide rails, sealing bar, counter-pressure strip and the peripheral seals on the insert must be sprayed with silicone spray, please removes the excess silicone with a cloth. 10. Service information Message: Fault Fault rectification Contact customer service See 9. Cleaning and care Check the seals and replace if they are damaged or defective, or clean to remove dirt. Pump defective Vacompact cannot generate a vacuum Insert not closed, machine does not switch off after 1 minute. Rubbish bag cannot support a vacuum Insert the rubbish bag exact like...

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 9

11. Front side detailed view On/off switch Display Sealing bar UV-C lamp behind the Sealing bar Insert carriage Waste bin Insert rail Display Display vacompact GmbH - Herzogstr. 23 - 80803 München Service and troubleshooting email hotline:

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Vacompact Operating Instructions - 10

12. Rear side detailed view Vacuum cylinder Vacuum cylinder Hot sealing transformer Vacuum suction connections Vacuum hose Negative pressure hose Spacer sensor yellow Vacuum sender valve Vacuum solenoid plug Vacuum cylinder valve Ventilation valve Check valve Teflon dry-running pump UV-C lamp control unit vacompact GmbH - Herzogstr. 23 - 80803 München Service and troubleshooting email hotline:

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