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Cryo Line Active Cryo Capsule Innovative Cryotherapy Technology Best modern designed and equipped cryosauna on current world market! Active Cryo Capsule involves exposing clients to extremely cold temperature for a few minutes. Our Active Cryo Capsule using whole body cryotherapy method. Cryotherapy method has now been implemented in many spas and cryo fitness studios. Treatment in Active Cryo Capsule may be effective in relieving soreness, or muscle pain, through reduced muscle metabolism, skin microcirculation, and receptor sensitivity. Also a cryosauna could help to improve weight loss...

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Beyond Innovation - 3

BodyShape Innovative Treadmill Shape Line BodyShape is a new and unique device that fuses cardio with skincare benefits. This unique treadmill combines lymphatic system benefits from deep under pressure vacuum massage and infrared heating therapy, thus encouraging weight loss and cellulite reduction. Additional features include aroma therapy, ozone therapy, LED, color therapy and collagen lamp. Through our advanced vacuum compression & infrared technology, our devices activate your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to...

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Beyond Innovation - 4

RollShape Innovative Roller Technology Shape Line RollShape lymphatic massage roller is primarily aimed at eliminating cellulite and shaping a slender figure. However, there are plenty other fields where roll massage proves beneficial. These include: activating the lymph system, breaking up fat tissue, post-traumatic rehabilitation, preparing for sports training, toning the skin. This new way to a beautiful and slim. It consists of massaging the whole body by means of wood, distinctively shaped rolls. This device combines the ease of use and aesthetic performance. It takes small space for...

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Beyond Innovation - 5

Shape Line InfraShape Horizontal Innovative Recumbent Bike The latest generation of exercise equipment outperforms expectations at first sight. InfraShape Horizontal's bike capsule has a stylistic, modern design and combines cardio exercise with innovative technical solutions: touch screen display, luxury leather, underpressure vacuum massage, infrared heating, collagen lamp, color and aroma therapies benefits, mp3 music from your IPhone or Android, multivision virtual jogging simulator. This extraordinary piece of equipment is the best choice of ■equipment for your gym, spa, weight loss...

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Beyond Innovation - 6

InfraShape Step in Future Shape Line Infrashape is a result of years of research on anatomical metabolism, which revealed that accumulation of fat is stored only in specific spots of the body. Our subjects were requested to exercise in specific ways, some isolated groups utilized external forces such infrared heating during workout. This innovative fitness device consists from recline bike, which more convenient for exercise, infrared heating lamps, which helps quickly reach weight loss effect, and collagen lamp, which has body rejuvenation functions. This device fully controlled by touch...

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Beyond Innovation - 7

VibraShape Innovative Shake Technology Shape Line The VibraShape is a stat-of-the-art device that facilitates weight loss with chair-based vibration technology. Accelerated fat burning is achieved with intense rotary vibrations with added benefits of infrared features. The advanced vibration causes friction of fat cells, which result in losing weight effortlessly, and specific applications of VibraShape’s infrared technology increases the effectiveness of device. By using infrared the body instinctively begins to warm muscles and produce the energy obtained from burning fat naturally....

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Beyond Innovation - 8

RunShape Innovative Running Technology Shape Line While designing and releasing in to market the running track RunShape treadmill, our company as commercial fitness equipment supplier were focused on customers demand. From the beginning our intention was to create a fitness device fulfilling the most basic expectations such as functionality, results, simplicity of operating and a fashionable design as well. RunShape treadmill reached all these expectations. Advantages | Interactive walk multivision | Commercial grade treadmill | Modern design World Leading Manufacturer

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Beyond Innovation - 9

HydroShape Innovative Aqua Technology Aqua Line HydroShape combined physical exercise with water resistance therapy and hydro massage benefits in one device, which does not affect on your joints. Our solution HydroShape allows to enjoy both benefits of hydro massage and getting rid of extra pounds. Aqua cycling equipment originally aimed at rehabilitation of motor functions, HydroShape ended up also improving muscle growth and cellulite reduction. Physical exercises on HydroShape help regenerate the connective skin tissues, allowing the skin to appear younger and smoother. Aqua biking...

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Beyond Innovation - 10

HydroBike II Innovative Water Technology Aqua Line Aqua biking concept guarantees a very effective workout for reach amazing results for cellulite reduction, weight loss, get body shape. We created water aerobic equipment with state-ofart design and extra functions inside. Best aquabiking capsule for underwater cycling workout. Best idea for wellbeing and healthy life. Hydrobike II is recommended by physiotherapists, as a safe and effective training in many diseases like: wrap cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal disorders, neuromuscular, overweight and obesity, reduced mobility after injuries...

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Beyond Innovation - 11

ActivCouch Luxury Lounge Massage Couch A very important part of your fitness experience can include spending some time in the spa, resting, relaxing & rejuvenation of your mind, body & spirit after your workout. Enjoy some time on our relaxing with message benefits lounger in the tranquility of your home, spa or fitness area. ActiveCouch is adjusted to your body, offering high-quality comfort and relaxation after a long day. This is an excellent solution for spas, gyms, beauty salons, weight loss centers, health clubs as well as for home use. Advantages | Modern design | Soft vibration...

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