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WHAT IS LOCAL CRYO STIMULATION? Local Cryo stimulation involves the exposure of extreme low temperatures (approximately -160°C or 256F) to a specific area of the body and face. The skin is cooled sufficiently using nitrogen vapor (LN2) to provoke the vasoconstriction of blood vessels, which is then followed by rapid vasodilation post treatment, Cryo stimulation activates the body's optimum defense mechanism. During the short session only the skin is cooled superficially and the body responds by raising it's internal temperature through increased rates of micro-circulations across the...

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• pain relief, treats pain syndromes and neuralgias; • reduction of spasm; • reduced muscle tension; • improvement of joint function; • reduction of post traumatic treatments; • after surgery recovery therapy; • overall quicker return to training; • decreased localized muscle fatigue; • stress related conditions; • improves blood and lymphatic circulation in treated area; • effective during post operative rehabilitation stages; • decreases inflammation, bruising and swellings (during reconstructive phase); • muscle and ligament strains; • tendon injuries (detachment, distortion extension of...

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At extreme low temperatures, thermo receptors on the skin are stimulated due to the intense energy in the stream. Strong signals are sent to the brain, which are faster than pain receptors. As the skin is cooled to the necessary temperatures, the trauma cycle is activated. Local Cryo stimulation triggers vasoconstriction followed by rapid vasodilation providing the patient with a natural analgesic effect alongside ongoing micro-circulations being driven around the treatment area. NATURAL HEALING - Cryo stimulation involves the activation of natural body defenses making it totally safe. The...

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HOW QUICKLY WILL I SEE RESULTS? Results are immediate and most noticeable a few days after the first treatment. A Local Cryo stimulation session post training (wait a minimum of a 1 hour) will instantly reduce fatigue and muscle pain. Sports injuries also respond immediately as each session reduces both pain and inflammation, allowing for more rapid and effective kinesiotherapy protocols. HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE REQUIRED? The number of treatments varies depending on what the patient is trying to achieve and how the body responds to the treatment. Using Cryo stimulation for muscle recovery...

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When Cryo stimulation is used in combination with physiotherapy or a Cryoshaping treatment, the patient must exercise post treatment. This is due to the fact that improving the strength and flexibility of joints and bones is key to recovery, Post treatment exercise entails a series of exercises or mobilization movements as advised by a physiotherapist, which focus on strengthening the joints and muscles of the treatment area, Sometimes patients can feel great after the first few sessions and then a few days later they will suddenly feel pain or aching, This is a good sign that Cryo...

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Local Cryo Polar Bear is a most newest and updated Cryo stimulation machine, which can be used to treat specific areas of the body and cryo facial treatments. With an innovative construction, the Polar Bear from VACUACTIVUS offers safer and more effective treatments. A new design as well as newest cryo recovery technologies were used for create our Polar Bear, therefore Polar Bear became a bestseller on current market using a state-of-art design and a latest technology achievements. This is a nitrogen based device with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle for a remote measurement...

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HOW COLD DOES IT GET? Local Cryo Polar Bear can reach temperatures of up to -180’C or 256’F. This temperature could provide an optimal treatment temperature for maximum Cryo stimulation. Therefore, the operator will be treating patients at this temperature and lower so that the patient's skin is cooled down sufficiently to the required temperature. DO YOU FEEL COLD AFTERWARDS? The patient will feel relaxed and warm as soon as the treatment ends because there is almost no moisture in the stream meaning that there is little tissue penetration. Also, by triggering Cryo stimulation the blood...

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The gas used to cool the skin is a nitrogen, and it is perfectly safe. It is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (78% of it). In the case of the slightest discomfort, the operator can move the nozzle away from the area or reduce the intensity of the airflow. The aim is to Cryo stimulate the area so that the skin temperature is cooled to around 10-11C (50-55F). Once this has been achieved the nozzle is moved to a new area. If the nozzle were to be held on the patients skin too long without being monitored it can potentially cause blistering however this is an extreme case. The...

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WHAT IS POLAR BEAR « NITROGEN USAGE? « • DOES POLAR BEAR ARE PORTABLE AND MOVABLE? Yes, Polar Bear Local Cryo machine has casters (wheels) and machine could be easy movable through the premise or to other location. As well as machine is suitable for mobile cryotherapy. PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS A full 50L dewar vessel treats around a 60-65 patients (averaging a 5 or 10 minutes per treatment). A full 50L dewar vessel offers an estimated a 300-350 minutes of treatment time. AESTHETIC TREATMENTS With aesthetic treatments the treatment time varies considerably depending on the size of the area...

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HOW DO I GET LIQUID NITROGEN? VACUACTIVUS has a partnership with a many nitrogen suppliers all around world. On client’s request VACUACTIVUS will recommend a few available local nitrogen suppliers which could provide nitrogen delivery service to your facility. WHAT ARE THE ROOM REQUIREMENTS? In order to meet most common Healthcare’s safety regulations, owning an oxygen monitor and remote warning alarm system is a standard requirement for nitrogen supply. It is also important that the premises has ventilation that leads from the treatment room to an outside escape route unless the room is of...

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