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ActiveCryo and Cryo V2 Beyond Recovery Cryotherapy chambers based on liquid nitrogen

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What is Cryo Therapy? Cryotherapy is a specific low temperatures therapy used in sport rehabilitation for fast recovery after injuries as well as weight loss and body shape enchantment. Cryotherapy comes from the cryo meaning cold, and therapy meaning cure. When the right cryotherapy equipment is used, the science of subjecting the entire human body to extreme cold temperatures to stimulate the healing of its circulatory, nervous, and energy systems is a powerful remedial technology. According to scientific and medical research, the optimum efficiency of whole body cryotherapy procedures, is...

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other countries in the last decade. It has gained widespread popularity with athletes and those with certain chronic illnesses (as well as housewives who don’t like ice baths). Major application for cryotherapy: 1. Pain relief and muscle healing Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis. It may also promote faster healing of athletic injuries. Doctors have long recommended using ice packs on injured and painful muscles. Doing so may increase blood circulation after the ice pack is removed, promoting healing and pain relief. 2....

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World Leading Manufacturer 6. Reducing anxiety and depression Research findings that cryotherapy may reduce inflammation suggest that it could treat mental health conditions linked to inflammation. Some preliminary research on cryotherapy and mental health also supports this claim. 7. Improving symptoms of eczema The chronic inflammatory skin condition known as eczema can cause intensely itchy patches of dry skin. A small 2008 study of people with eczema had participants stop using eczema medications. They then tried cryotherapy. Many of them saw improvements in their eczema symptoms,...

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lation reduces injury recovery timeframes so that athletes can resume rehabilitation earlier and lower drug intake. PLEASURE – Bathing in the streams of cold air feels much more comfortable than usual methods involving cold water because at super low temperatures the stream contains almost zero moisture. As a bonus, the cold triggers productions of endorphins called "feel-good hormones", which induce feelings of euphoria. This encourages return visits. What is ActiveCryo and CryoV2 Therapy Chamber and what is the difference with other chambers? You could find a lot of offers regarding...

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World Leading Manufacturer What is difference between models and versions? Functions

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World Leading Manufacturer HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE REQUIRED? The number of treatments varies depending of what the patient is trying to achieve and how the body responds to the treatment. Using Cryo stimulation for muscle recovery is routine method of support and may be carried out in cycles of a 10-20 sessions to gain the full long lasting benefits of the treatment. Injuries vary in severity, so the number of treatments is difficult to quantify. The physiotherapist and the patient will assess when they feel that the injury has been fully rehabilitated. The number of sessions can vary due...

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recommended daily or every other day is because Cryo stimulation causes the treatment area to experience an increased rate of blood flow lasting for several hours. By having treatments close together the patient experiences a consistently higher rate of blood flow and a natural analgesic effect for a longer period of time. This speeds up the healing and rehabilitation process and makes the treatment even more effective than spacing out treatments. IS POST TREATMENT EXERCISE NECESSARY? When Cryo stimulation is used in combination with physiotherapy or Cryoshaping treatment, the patient should...

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medicine, SPA and aesthetic centers all over the world. In terms of quality and popularity, VACUACTIVUS are the leading manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers and localized cryo equipment supplying devices to physiotherapists, aesthetic clinics, elite sports teams, doctors and national health services. HOW COLD DOES IT GET? Active Cryo Therapy Chamber can reach temperatures of up to -184’C or -280’F. This temperature could provide an optimal treatment temperature for maximum Cryo stimulation. Therefore, the operator will be treating patients at this temperature and lower so that the patient's...

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World Leading Manufacturer CAN THE TREATMENT BE DANGEROUS? The gas used to cool the skin is a nitrogen, and it is perfectly safe. It is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (78% of it). The aim is to Cryo stimulate the area so that the skin temperature is cooled to around 10-11C (50-55F) Whole cryotherapy can reduce unwanted pain and nerve irritation, it sometimes can leave the tissue affected with unusual sensations, such as numbness or tingling. Cryotherapy may cause redness and irritation of the skin. The main contraindications for the treatment are: - Cold intolerance -...

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World Leading Manufacturer WHAT IS THE NITROGEN TANK SIZE and pressure? Active Cryo cryosuna uses Liquid Nitrogen from nitrogen tank with capacity from 160L to 5000L. Most common solution for nitrogen tank is 230-240L. Tank specification attached. Working pressure inside tank needs to be 28psi (equivalent 1,8Bar or 0.15kPa), release valve 35psi (equivalent 2,2Bar or 0.22kPa). Machine should working with pressure range from 22 to 35 psi and similar release valve mounted on tank. Any reduced or increased pressure than recommended range should take affect on improper machine working or over...

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HOW DO I GET LIQUID NITROGEN? VACUACTIVUS has a partnership with many nitrogen suppliers all around the world. On client’s request VACUACTIVUS will recommend few available local nitrogen suppliers which could provide nitrogen delivery service to your facility. LIQUID NITROGEN PRICING Liquid nitrogen costs around $0.5-1,5 per liter depends of area and supplier. Local nitrogen supplier could apply delivery fee up to nitrogen cost. ActiveCryo should be connected to an outstanding nitrogen tank with most common capacity 230-240L. As such 230-240 should be enough for around a 50* sessions...

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