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SALES DEPARTMENTS: BEYOND INNOVATIONS LOREM IPSUM BEYOND INNOVATIONS CryoStar Antarctica Cryostar Grand Iceberg Local Cryo 50L Iceberg Local Cryo 25L 05 InfraStar Bike 06 VacuStar treadmill 07 RollStar rollshaper 08 SaniStar

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS cryotherapy sessions during 1-3 minutes temperature inside chamber up to -180C/280F Benefits: - whole body recovery - pain relief - reduce inflammation thermal imaging and oxygen sensor monitor CRYOSTAR ANTARCTICA

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS extreme cold therapy automatic door opening - boost immune system - muscle recovery - improve athletic performance modern glass exterior CRYOSTAR GRAND

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS targeted cryotherapy for any part of body Benefits thermal imaging control skin temperature control - anti-aging - cryo facial - skin care ICEBERG LOCAL CRYO MACHINE 50L

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS portable and movable model nitrogen vapor blowing adjuster Benefits: - pain management for parts of body - repair tissue damage and skin rehab - improving blood and lymphatic circulation in targeted area variety of programs for localized cryotherapy ICEBERG LOCAL CRYO MACHINE 25L

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS powerful vacuum and infrared therapy aromatherapy and collagen lamp - weight loss and body fat reduction - rehabilitation exercises and muscle recovery - skin care and collagen production during exercise virtual reality display INFRASTAR BIKE

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS vacuum resistance infrared heating - extreme calories burning - body slimming - muscle recovery aroma, ozone, color therapies VACUSTAR TREADMILL

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BEYOND INNOVATIONS new generation of touch screen display managing speed of rolling and rotation Benefits: - cellulite reduction and getting rid of body fat - lymphatic drainage and muscle massage - improving blood circulation in problematic body areas infrared heating

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Large 10L tank for antiseptic liquid World Leading Manufacturer thermal imaging sensor SANISTAR san\STAR Benefits: - body temperature control - hands disinfectant - visitor counting report

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