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CRYO V2 - 2

CRYO V2 IS THE ALL NEW AND IMPROVED CRYOTHERAPY CHAMBER ON THE MARKET! Launched in 2019, the Cryo V2 is one of the newest models available on the market! THERMAL IMAGING With its modern and futuristic design, ergonomic exterior and capable interior it is the best cryotherapy solution. OXYGEN SENSOR MONITOR This model stays beyond any competitor’s models due to its new incorporated technologies. LARGE VIDEO DISPLAY THERMAL IMAGING 7’ HIGH-RES VIDEO DISPLAY 10.1’ TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY GLASS LOGO WITH LED LIGHTS AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF COLORS INCH TOUCH DISPLAY COUNTRIES USING VACUACTIVUS...

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CRYO V2 - 3

HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW DOES IT WORK? CRYOTHERAPY Extremely cold temperatures stimulate skin sensors, activating a central nervous system response. Endorphins, the body’s natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators, are then released from the pituitary gland and nervous system to improve mood, energy and pain. Cryotherapy also enhances the circulation of blood and lymph which promotes the removal of toxins and metabolic waste. This increased circulation also supplies muscles and internal organs with oxygen and nutrient rich blood to stimulate cellular regeneration around the body. HOW DOES THE...

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CRYO V2 - 4

RECOVERY BENEFITS USING VAPORISED LIQUID NITROGEN TREATMENTS Suitable for 0 Health and wellness business' 0 Medical Offices 0 Spas 0 Lessens recovery time 0 Delivers oxygen & nutrients to the muscles 0 Enables a quick return to the playing field 0 Enhances muscular endurance 0 Creates a resistance to fatigue 0 Improves the body's ability to relax 0 Regulates sleeping patterns 0 Increased strength and stamina ® Improved athletic performance 0 Alleviates muscle tension 0 Improves joint functionality 0 Improves motor capacity 0 Boosts energy levels Aids weight loss

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CRYO V2 - 5

FEATURESADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES & PRISTINE AESTHETICS ® Platinum jets indirect technology 3 Automatic lift up to 150kg 3 Regular door opening 3 Android A3 software 3 Extension podium for high point lifting incorporated in lift system ® 10.1'/800Hz Main display 0 7' Second display 0 Nitrogen hose and connectors included 0 Available in a variety of colors 0 Transportation on wheels 0 Emergency stop button 0 Push door for emergency stop and exit 0 Counter of session and life timer 0 Wi-fi connection ® 3 automatic and 1 manual programs 3 Adjust default lift position ® Min temperature:...

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CRYO V2 - 6

What should I look for when purchasing a CRYO V2? Efficient Nitrogen consumption: Lower nitrogen consumption reduces your running costs, therefore increasing profitability. Safety features: Internal oxygen sensors, emergency stop activation, unrestricted automatic door opening. Consistent treatment temperature: Most devices do not provide a consistent temperature throughout the treatment. Instead, the temperature fluctuates up and down during the session. Look for a machine that maintains the temperature for the entire duration of the treatment. Even distribution: Most other machines...

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