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Lymphatic massage roller RollStar - 2

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS. ROLLSTAR HAS MANY ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND ENHANCEMENTS THAT MAKE IT BETTER THAN ANY OTHER MODELS. Regularly using ROLLSTAR, especially as deep tissue massage roller, offers many of the same benefts as a sports massage, including reduced infammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved fexibility. Workout on ROLLSTAR could destroy combination of fat cell in fat tissue and help to release single fat cells which easy to transfer to energy. Also it helps to increase lymphatic and blood...

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Lymphatic massage roller RollStar - 3

ACCELERATED FAT BURNING IS ACHIEVED WITH INTENSE ROTARY VIBRATIONS WITH ADDED BENEFITS OF INFRARED FEATURES INFRARED THERAPY Lets body get rid of large accumulated toxins deposited in the deeper layers of the skin. Body warming in addition affects muscle relaxation thanks to which treatment is more affective. Infrared, thanks to its characteristics, is one of the most populartherapies. It is therapy which uses selected colours to have impact on the organism. Variable light colours have signifcant effect on hormonal responses in the body. Thanks to this therapy we can increase resistance and...

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d INNOVATIVE MASSAGING TECHNOLOGY tiJ1STATE-OF-THE-ART DESIGN GUARANTEED RESULTS 00 LONG DURABILITY (S) LCD TOUCH SCREEN INTELLIGENT AND DYNAMIC ^ BUILT IN FEATURES $ RETURN OF INTEREST IN 6 MONTHS OR LESS The ROLLSTAR is used in weight loss centres, health and wellness business’, and gyms worldwide. With its unique features, the ROLLSTAR assists in fighting against the appearance of stubborn cellulite faster than other massaging equipment. Clients achieve noticeable results so they keep coming back for more treatments. Long durability, lasting you many years with every day and all day use...

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Lymphatic massage roller RollStar - 5

♦ Reduces the appearance of cellulite Reduce stretch mark appearances ♦ Removal of toxins from the body Breaks down fat cells Improves muscle performance Reduces inflammation ♦ Increased blood circulation resulting in improved elasticity and firmer skin Reduces pain ♦ Accelerates muscle recovery Enhances body shape ♦ Improvement of circulation and lymphatic system

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♦ Easy to use ♦ Modern, Innovative Design ♦ Latest generation LED display with touch screen ♦ Specially designed graphic interface, intuitive and super easy to use ♦ Information display: Time, Program, ♦ Training time ♦ Choose from custom training programs ♦ Infrared heating ♦ Chromotherapy ♦ Modify parameters during training according to your needs FITNESS STUDIO ROLLSTAR IS THE NEXT GENERATION FITNESS DEVICE FOR FULL BODY LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE FEATURING INFRARED HEATING THERAPY AND TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY SUITABLE FOR ♦ Health and wellness business ♦ Fitness facilities ♦ Gyms ♦ Spas ♦...

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OWN YOURS TODAY. SPECIAL FINANCE AND PURCHASE OPTIONS AVAILABLE The ROLLSTAR is beneficial for people of all sizes and fitness levels. This device can be programmed for the needs of both beginners or advanced users and is both user friendly and effective at delivering an unparalleled full body massage experience. The ROLLSTAR has gained popularity among elite athletes for its ability to speed up recovery after muscle injuries. Other benefits include; breaking up scar tissue, chromotherapy to restore hormonal balance in the body, collagen production, air ionization therapy to provide the...

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