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Sanetiq - 1

to protect others and yourself

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Sanetiq - 2

Our company is a world leading manufacturer of innovative fitness, spa, infrared, weight loss and cryotherapy equipment. We are on world market over 17 years and our team helped to install a many successful projects around the world. We are a number 1 and a largest factory in the world in this industry. We producing a huge range of equipment for gyms, weight loss centers, cryotherapy studios and wellness facilities. VACU ACTIV provides the most innovative fitness, spa, wellness, health and cryotherapy products on the market. Our innovative methods have proven to be safe & effective as we...

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Sanetiq - 3

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, body temperature detection and disinfection has become a necessary means to identify and prevent viral infections. Handheld infrared thermometers make it a short distance between humans and slow speeds. There are too many defects and it's not effective. The traditional infrared temperature measuring gun requires a person to operate at a close range. So we decided to design and create a device, that will help in everyday life to protect other and yourself. Sanitase is a new quality of disinfection station with built in thermal sensor to...

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Sanetiq - 5

Device can display the advertising contents like images or videos files and automatically dispense the liquid soap at the same time. During measuring the temperature and and disinfecting hands this smart device display important messages or advertisements for clients or employees to draw their attention. What is important Sanitase allows you in simple way to control and manage content on the screen wirelessly by connecting to the same wifi network. Management of video ads is done through intuitive and simple software installed into the device. An additional advantage of this solution is...

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Sanetiq - 6

HIGH QUALITY SENSORS We equipped device with very precise and sensitive sensors that quickly diagnose the current body temperature. The temperature measurement range is 30 ~ 45 °C, and the accuracy is ± 0.2 °C. The measuring process is very simple and fast. Approaching to the device, on the 8-inch monitor will be displayed the live view from camera with measured person. The same screen will display information about the current temperature with voice commands and alerts if the temperature is elevated. The led lamp above the screen also indicate the right color for the measured temperature.

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Sanetiq - 7

Device is ideally suited in the supermarkets, shopping centers, retail shops, fairs, salons, gyms, spa's, offices, sport facilities, schools and universities, kindergartens, hospital and medical facilities, restaurants, manufacturing plants, theatres and cinemas, airports etc. SUPERMARKETS SHOPPING CENTERS FAIRS OFFICES HOSPITALS MEDICAL FACILITIES GYMS SPORT FAC I LUES SPORTS TEAMS SCHOOLS CIENEMAS AIRPORTS

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Sanetiq - 8

ADVERTISING MONITOR Wireless ad upload & management V' Built in software for ad management Video & images support >/ Automatic liquid dispener v' Motion sensor acting on IR >/ 5L liter tank for liquid v' 8000 uses per one tank LED indicator liquid fill level >/ THERMAL SCANING FEATURES Filling the tank from the outside without opening device Dual camera system Fast & precise thermal imaging sensor >/ Vision camera backlight system >/ Over temperature alarm >/ Graphic alerts on screen >/ Fast temperature detect >/ 8-inch monitor for temperature control >/ LED indicator temperature status...

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Sanetiq - 10


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