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n at informatio Further w.vacuub ww Catalog 2014/2015 Technology for Vacuum Systems

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 2

Trademark-Index VACUU·LAN® (US-Reg.No 3,704,401), VACUU·BUS®, VACUU·CONTROL®, Peltronic®, VARIO® (US-Reg.No 3,833,788), VACUUBRAND® (US-Reg.No 3,733,388), WH2O REALLY CARES® (US-Reg.No 4,104,537), CO2MMITTED TO CHANGE® (US-Reg.No 4,104,536) and also the shown company logos are registered trademarks of VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG in Germany and/or o

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 3

Catalog 2014/2015 Technology for Vacuum Systems VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG Alfred-Zippe-Str. 4 · 97877 Wertheim · Germany P.O. Box 1664 · 97866 Wertheim · Germany T Further information at www.vacuubrand.

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 4

The VACUUBRAND news at a glance Remote Control (VACUU·CONTROL® WLAN, VACUU·CONTROL® LAN) Product overview Chemistry diaphragm pumps Product overview Diaphragm pumps Product overview Rotary vane pumps VARIO® Vacuum control Vacuum controller CVC 3000 detect Diaphragm pumps / Chemistry diaphragm pumps MV 10 NT-Family VACUU·LAN® Local Area Vacuum Network Chemistry-HYBRID pumping unit PC 3 / RC 6 Packages for fine vacuum control with CVC 3000 for rotary vane pumps ATEX - approval (category 3) for almost all VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps and measuring instruments 31 VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG · Sitz...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 5

Our people make the difference 6 The right solution for every need 12 Choosing vacuum equipment 16 Oil-free vacuum for corrosive gases and vapors 29 Oil-free vacuum for non-corrosive gases and vapors 97 Rotary vane pumps and chemistry-HYBRID pumps 127 Fluid aspiration systems 146 Vacuum gauges and controllers 151 VACUU-LAN* vacuum networks for laboratories 165 Vacuum valves and small flange components 169 General terms and conditions 188 Our technical literature is only intended to inform our customers. The validity of general empirical values and results obtained under test conditions for...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 6

Our people make the difference VACUUBRANDYour number one for vacuum! Retrospective 1961: The new vacuum technology department begins manufacturing their first vacuum pumps at RUDOLF BRAND in Wertheim, Germany. With innovative and high quality products, business expands so much in the following years that VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG is spun off on January 1, 1985 as an independent company. Today, more than 50 years after the first BRAND vacuum pump, VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive family of products for generating, measuring and regulating vacuum for rough and fine vacuum applications...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 7

Our people make the difference From the outset, we had one priority: of- Different laboratories make a wide variety fering laboratory users equipment that of demands on vacuum systems. This is ers have been associating with the meets the highest quality standards. why we offer tailor-made solutions to our VACUUBRAND name for decades? Quality! "Intelligent pumps" make work easier customers. We select the optimum vacuum We maintain and work continuously to in laboratories, permitting chemists and pumps for the needed vacuum range, and perfect an integrated management sys- technicians to...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 8

Our people make the difference VACUUBRANDWe do more than you expect We offer special seminars and practical courses Our vacuum pumps are very reliable but pend- in VACUUBRAND´s own training center to teach ing on the type and the application they need the basics of vacuum technology and vacuum a bit of service occasionally. Our pumps are generation. The hands-on and user-oriented designed for easy service, so you can do it in seminar programme also teaches topics such as your own workshops, or have us do it. Your the correct application of vacuum pumps and workshop employees are welcome to...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 9

Our people make the difference VACUUBRAND is accredited according to Our standard products are available from all leading laboratory dealers at home and Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) as a abroad. The best advice is very important calibration laboratory within the German for us: Therefore, we support the dealers for Calibration Service (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, years with our own staff who are specialists in DKD). Its accreditation includes calibrating technical consulting. Just call one of our lo- vacuum meters and other absolute pressure cal sales offices or ask our team in...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 10

Our people make the difference Technology Our people make the difference Maximum quality with regular checks It is very easy to explain the secret of VACUUBRAND´s success. We can only survive as a company in the heat of competition if we have the best team - right through the company. We set great store by individualised training and development for our employees. In more than 50 years in excess of 150 young people have successfully launched their professional careers in our company. We have an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge with our very high degree of internal production in the...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 11

Our people make the difference Comprehensive review and testing of the specialized designs and prototypes in the product development Shipping and packaging according to environmentally- VACUUBRAND cares about training and advanced education friendly and economical criteria Further information at

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 12

The right solution for every need Chemistry diaphragm pumps - Diaphragm pumps - Rotary vane pumps ■■Chemistry diaphragm Because they are oil-free, resistant to chemicals and able to recover solvents, diaphragm pumps are usually the best choice for generating vacuum in laboratory, and for equipment integration (OEM). They have a very wide range of application in evacuating and repumping gases in chemical and physical laboratories. Depending upon their designs, VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps reach ultimate vacuums of 100 mbar to 0.6 mbar and volume flow rates of 1 - 19 m³/h. These are...

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Catalog 2014/2015 - 13

The right solution for every need Chemistry pumping units - Vacuum gauges and controllers - Components ■■Chemistry pumping units VACUUBRAND vacuum pumping units cover the entire range of rough and fine vacuum, and all the way into the high vacuum range. We select the vacuum pumps at the heart of our pumping units to deliver the flow rate needed throughout the operating vacuum range, and that provide the best protection for the likely exposure to corrosive vapors and condensates. Our pumping units offer a full range of control options. The most advanced is VARIO® control for chemistry...

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