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n at informatio m Further w.vacuubr ww The VARIO® Chemistry-pumping units with adaptive vacuum control Self-optimizing vacuum for productivity and efficiency

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Optimize laboratory processes with VACUUBRAND VARIO® technology Vacuum applications in many laboratory and industrial processes benefit from electronical control by: ■■ avoiding sample loss by foaming and boiling over ■■ reducing process times for distillation and evaporation processes ■■ improving reproducibility in drying, reaction and evaporation processes ■■ reducing operating time with continuous, automated optimization ■■ protecting the environment by capturing waste solvent vapors VARIO® controller provides fully automatic evaporation without parameter programming! VARIO®-diaphragm...

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Advantageous for many applications From Laboratory to Mini-plant VACUUBRAND offers the VARIO® chemistry diaphragm pump technology for a wide range of operations. Models with pumping speeds ranging from 2 m3/h to nearly 20 m3/h support applications ranging from individual laboratory applications such as rotary evaporators, to multi-user lab vacuum networks, to replacement of rotary vane pumps in kilo labs and pilot plants. Depending on the pump version, the reachable ultimate vacuum is between 70 mbar and even down to 0.6 mbar. Select the right pumping unit for evaporation of your low- or...

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The PC 3001 VARIOpro Our best seller - now even more powerful! Our most successful vacuum pumping unit is the PC 3001 VARIO. With the new PC 3001 VARIOpro model, we have given this popular pumping unit even higher performance, thus expanding the range of applications. The pumping speed was increased by almost 20% to 2.0 m3/h. The PC 3001 VARIOpro gets the lab work done even faster, and supports larger processes. The new PC 3001 VARIOpro maintains all of the performance features that made the PC 3001 VARIO pumping unit so popular: ■■ the fully automatic VARIO® adaptive processing, which...

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Technical data / ordering information TECHNICAL DATA PC 3001 VARIOpro Vacuum controller Number of heads / stages Max. pumping speed m3/h Ultimate vacuum (abs.) mbar Ultim. vac. (abs.) with gas ballast mbar Max. back pressure (abs.) bar Inlet connection Outlet connection Coolant connection Max. power kW Degree of protection Dimensions (L x W x H), approx. mm Weight, approx. kg CVC 3000 4 / 3 2.0 2 4 1.1 Hose nozzle DN 6/10 mm Hose nozzle DN 10 mm 2 x hose nozzle DN 6-8 mm 0.16 IP 20 300 x 306 x 400 7.7 PC 3002 VARIO CVC 3000 2 / 2 2.8 7 12 1.1 Hose nozzle DN 10...

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The right VARIO ® -Pump for your application Rotary evaporators / reactors The PC 3001 VARIOpro is ideal for vacuum applications with high boiling solvents. The hysteresis-free vacuum control prevents superheating and foaming to protect valuable process samples. The controller enables automatic detection of vapor pressures and automatic adjustment of the vacuum level to the process requirements. The new ´pro´ version with improved pumping speed extends the range of use. Evacuation of larger vessels and process steps with high vapor volumes can be completed within shorter time. Programmed...

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