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SimpleMed+ supports Blister Packs The SimpleMed+ is designed to work with a unique multi-dose blister package that provides patients with a completely organized, easy-to-use and labeled calendar pack. The suited blister pack is weekly- 7 days with 4 intake times per day (morning, noon, evening and bedtime) - Ideal for patients with multiple medication intake times. EARLY DOSE BEDTIME EVENING NOON use SimpleMed+ with Blister Packs' MANAGE MULTIPLE ERROR REDUCTION TAMPER EVIDENT SAVING TIME

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How does SimpleMed+ work with Blister Packs7 There are two options for (Re) filling the multi-dose blister packs: Automatic refill - Done at the pharmacy by state of the art dispensing technology. Manual refill - The patient can use a cold seal kit at home for independent filling. Multi-dose Blister Pack Features: • Weekly pack - 7 day use, up to 4 intake times per day • Tailored - according to individual patient prescriptions & needs • Pill cup - supplied for easily extracting medication • Customization - Option to customize with your own logo * Easy extraction - designed to fit motor...

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