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Clinical Trials Remote Monitoring The clinical trials market At any given time there are more than 10,000 clinical trials in different phases in the US alone, and the number of participating volunteers is estimated to be 2.5 million people. Conducting clinical research is labor intensive while using remote monitoring technologies helps tracking patients' behavior and vital signs efficiently. Drug regimen compliance is a major concern of the sponsoring organizations, as there is currently no reliable way to monitor adherence. Currently compliance is measured mainly based on self-reported medication consumption and pill count. These methods have reliability issues including large result variability, self-reporting biases and even potential The imbalance between technologies results in: • Discrepancy between the electronic diary report and the actual compliance as they usually not conducted at the same time and place. • Increased labor performed by professionals visiting trial candidates at their home. • Biased results that may create reliability and safety issues.

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Vaica's medication adherence and vital signs monitoring solution Vaica's core strength is in the cloud-based service management software focusing on medication adherence solutions. We offer off-the-shelf and tailor made solutions for oral drugs, injectable, biological drugs and more. Variety of solutions for special medications. Plug 'n' play Simple setup, no need for a computer, internet acce Data Collection- Rich reports are generated upon request. Easy to manage the monitor patients- Automatic alerts on any deviation. Open API for easy software integration. Tel: +972 77 700 5388 | Email:...

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