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THE PRINCIPLE VAKUFORM VAKUFORM products incorporate a unique combination of vacuum technology and highly flexible, biocompatible neoprene material making it possible to adjust the support for optimum positioning with smooth, flowing curves, even for extreme postual asymmetry. Initially air is added to support to allow a accurate accommodation of the users posture. After vacuuming, a strong cushion shape is created, which is a perfect negative image of the body shape. The adjustment of the cushion to the anatomic surface of the human body changes ratio between weight and surface area and...

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FIELDS OF APPLICATION VAKUFORM products have been used successfully in hospitals, institutions for disabled people, therapeutic centres, geriatric institutes and at home, providing the prescriber a new level of flexibility within their provision, whilst ensuring that the requirements of the user are met promptly and without compromise. • Cerebral Palsy with heavy motor retardation: As a mouldet seat upholstery partial or for complete body protection, for realigning and supportive systems. Tetra Spastic with ataxic or athetoid pattern: For abduction positioning. Spastic and Slacking...

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OPERATING INSTRUCTION VAKUFORM POSITIONING SYSTEM APPLICATION Vaccum system for the positioning and safe support particularly for severely and multiple handicaps. For general pressure relief of the supporting area while optimal stabilizing the patient. positioning on one's back positioning on one's side positioning on one's front adaptation to difficult anatomical conditions ADAPTATION Supply the system with air that far, that the patient can easily sink into the material. Most suitable is a gellike consistency. Avoid overexpansion of the system. Before positioning the patient adjust the...

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If the positioning obtained in this way is to remain durably it is absolutely necessary to interrupt the hose connector between pump and system as otherwise through the valve small quantities of air might penetrate into the system. Only if the tube is removed from the quick-coupling, the valve closes airtight! We recommend to finally take the patient out of the system again and examine the neoprene covering for folding. If this should occur in rare cases, it is possible to smooth the folds by simply pulling the neoprene covering. ATTENTION Because of the very high processing standard the...

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Hold the system that way that the white filling transfer pipe is positioned in the highest place of the system. Add so much air to the system till the granules slip downward and the pipe lies free. The catch is in a 3 cm round and 8 mm thick rubber washer. If you grasp the edge of the filler pipe closely with both thumps, you will be able to squeeze the catch with your fingertips from the bottom through the neoprene hole about 2 mm out of the washer. When removing the catch please make sure that the granules do not escape out of the system together with the air (Fig. 1) Removing the filling...

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CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR VAKUFORM PRODUCTS Concerning the care of our products we recommend the following: 1. 2. 3. The products can be washed by hand up to 60 C. The products can be disinfected with standard business disinfectants. After laundry let the products dry by air. PLEASE NOTE The surface material of our VAKUFORM products can be damaged by fire or pointed articles which will cause loss in the tightness of the material. For such damage we will not take over liability. Please do not expose the products to the load of machine laundry, spin-drying or extensive heat. We point out that –...

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