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Practical use The adjustment of the cushion should be made by an experienced orthopaedic engineer according to the following instructions: 1. Seat patient on cushion. Cushion to contain a small amount of air only. Seat patient according to specific need. When you are in position make a vacuum by using the hand pump (red end) until the pump does not suck in any air. After that the pump can be taken out of the valve. During the whole process of adjustment the client stays sitting on the pillow. Decubitus endangered areas can then be relieved by pressing the demanded areas in the pillow after vacuuming. The depth of the cushion (uncovered) can be calculated by measuring the distance between the deepest point of impress and the bottom of the pillow – to be less than 1-5 cm refills are possible. Refilling materials and equipment are available from Vakuform. Please notice to control the firmness of the Specification Content of the cushion: The content of the cushion is made of fine polystyrene granulate. Contents are variable: take out the pillow valve and refill or take out granulate as required. In this way the thickness of the pillow can be adjusted individually. How to care: The cushion can be disinfected as well as hand washed at 60€C. The covering can be removed, it can be disinfected, and machine washed at 60€C. Size: Made to measure Delivery: 1 x polystyrene filled neoprene cushion. 1 x ball hand pump with extension hose. Order-No.: 11100 for anatomical seat cushion . 11110 for anatomical back cushion. Guarantee: 2 Years Optional: Cover for cushion. Bottom made of anti slip material, top made of 3 mm distance-mesh-material. 7mm spacer fabrics material as in between lining. Instruction for use Anatomical seat and back cushion

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Anatomical seat and back cushion Vakuform products represent a unique combination of vacuum technology with highly flexible neoprene material. Thus it is possible to adjust Vakuform wheelchair cushion in an optimum and uncreased way to the body shape. In deflated condition the cushion creates a stable seat and if Because of the high workmanship the vacuum in our necessary can be adjusted. With suspected or already existing decubitus, cushion lasts for a long time. Nevertheless overtime air gets into the cushion. endangered body parts can be relieved by impressing the cushion with the hand...

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