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reddot award 2019 winner daysLj8' Love Your Body The advantages of natural fertility tracking with Daysy - 100% natural - Deeper understanding of biological functions of the female body - Greater confidence in one's own sexuality - Positive body awareness and independence - No further costs involved - Lifetime customer support intelligent fertility tracking I fertile days I infertile days I science-based method Natural and Independent Fertility Tracking with Daysy The Daysy fertility tracker recognizes, analyzes, and accurately displays a woman's unique menstrual cycle. The technologically supported basal body temperature (BBT) method is one of the most reliable fertility-tracking methods in the world. Daysy is a lifestyle-fertility tracker that supports couples in their decision-making process to achieve their family planning goals. To identify fertile and infertile days, the user measures her basal temperature in the morning with the integrated, highly sensitive thermometer. With the aid of the proven and reliable algorithm, Daysy calculates the fertility status and displays it via the integrated LED. The optional combination with the DaysyView app for smartphones provides deeper insight and higher user engagement. Producer Valley Electronics AG, Switzerland Country of manufacturing Germany Warehouse location Murnau, Germany Color white Regulatory status EU Medical Device class I, FDA registered Starter Package Professional sales material in ENG, FR, DE, IT, ES. Product photos, descriptions, website content, social media assets VALLEY ELECTRONICS AG I Marienstrasse 16 I 8003 Zurich I Switzerland I +41 44 577 68 69 I info@valley-electronics.ch

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Measure Temperature Enter Menstruation Daysy is reliable and precise Daysy offers quality, accuracy, and reliability in menstrual cycle tracking with its intelligent algorithm based on scientific knowledge, years of experience, and sophisticated technology. Daysy was developed and registered as a medical device and is monitored continuously by a certified quality management system. Daysy's algorithm distinguishes between fertile and infertile windows with an accuracy of more than 99% - completely natural and in harmony with the body. Over 30 years of experience More than 500,000 users have...

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